Actor Testimonial – Belinda Howe


Alpha is one of the greatest performance experiences I have ever had!
Being a princess has always been a childhood fantasy and to actually perform two shows a day as Sleeping Beauty was an amazingly magical experience. Hundreds of excited and screaming children, the music pumping, adrenalin running high…need I say more!!

Not only did I get to perform but I also learnt how to operate the lighting, the sound, as well as assembling and dismantling the set which is priceless knowledge to a performer. Oh and the van. Yes that big orange Alpha van…the fun, the sing-a-longs, the naps after a busy day. It’s like one big road trip with the Alpha team that comes fully equipped with a chocolate coated performance at the end!!

Performing to children was one of the most rewarding experiences I had with Alpha! They are an incredibly energetic audience who are both encouraging and appreciative throughout the performance and of course during question time. I’d do it all over again just to hear that blonde little prep in the front row ask me “Are you and Prince Jamie really married?” to which I replied “no we’re just friends” to which she sat wide eyed with shock and blatantly responded “but you can’t kiss unless you’re married!”

The girls truly believed that I was a princess and for that magical few hours a day I felt just like one.

Alpha helped me grow as a performer and as a member of a team as I learnt how important it was to support my fellow performers. I made some great friends and have some unforgettable memories of my time with Alpha..1,2,3 you rock!!

– Belinda Howe: Graduate of the Ballarat Arts Academy 2007.


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