What kind of shows does Alpha Shows produce?

Alpha’s shows are essentially musical rock-concerts for children wrapped up in a classic story. They have a unique ability to be fun for all ages (no, seriously, they really are… even though it seems every children’s theatre company claims this!). They are famous for creating excitement, screams and a love for theatre (and for the performers!). We cycle the shows and frequently tour all 8 of them – THE ALPHA SHOWS OF: ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘King Arthur’, ‘Aladdin’, ‘Hercules’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The shows are modern (except the sets and costumes fit in with the period of each show), with references to pop culture that children (and adults) relate to and modern pop songs tailored to fit into various points in the story line. However – they are NOT Disney shows or related in any way to Disney! Whilst some similarities exist by the virtue of needing to appeal to people’s expectations and the similarities that would exist by taking inspiration from the same fairytale, all of Alpha’s shows have been created uniquely, with unique characters based on our own interpretation of the fairytale or book or myth, skewed to our own ideas about what children and humanity will respond positively to in the 21st century. They are full of beautiful princesses and princes, zany characters, evil villains, clever FX and a rock-concert atmosphere. Our shows are very funny with jokes for kids and also one-liners for the adults. They also always have a ‘heart’. They are essentially a fun, hilarious ‘diversion’ whilst we subconsciously create learning through ‘values’, life / character lessons and role models. Our product is very unique and you’ll get a real sense of contribution doing this job.

How long are rehearsals?

Generally, rehearsals will, depending on the show, be 4-11 days (depends on how many new cast members or how much the show has changed from previous years), from 8am til 5pm. They will take place at Alpha’s base, Westernport Highway, Langwarrin. All cast are required for all rehearsals and must be available full time during the day. You therefore must not be at school/uni or in amateur shows as this is full time work. We usually rehearse every day for the period including weekends, but every so often take days off. Actors generally stay on site for rehearsals as we have full accommodation for all actors on site.

Where does Alpha Tour?

Alpha Shows tour throughout Melbourne, regional Victoria and other areas of Australia. We will normally spend a few weeks in metropolitan Melbourne. Then, we will spend a few weeks touring regionally where the company will arrange & pay for accommodation in hotels/apartments/houses for the cast. When the tour is in Melbourne, Actors generally stay on site in Langwarrin and travel in the Truck each day to venues. This way you can eliminate virtually all living and ‘travelling to venues’ expense. Other than food/toiletries, all your expenses are taken care of. We suggest that no matter what, you should drive your car and stay in Langwarrin. If you’re coming from out of state, we also suggest you drive down so that on days off in Melbourne, you have your freedom. Actors who didn’t bring their cars in the past have felt isolated on weekends with sometimes not much to do. The other alternative is to bring another project or start one – like learning an instrument, writing a script or songs – these are the types of things actors have done in the past to keep growing and learning whilst on tour. Bring your laptop, we have free wi-fi in Langwarrin, but you might want to get your own mobile internet for when you’re on the road. Ensemble Members get access to free wi-fi for the entire tour + other benefits.

What kinds of venues?

Most of Alpha’s shows are performed in Primary Schools, ages Kinder – Year 7/8 and variations on that. Some tours cover a season over the holidays, where we perform shows at Melbourne and Regional Theatres that have booked us, or other venues like where families come to, although this is becoming less likely in the current economic climate. We are also booked by local councils, churches, school holiday programs, various other community groups and even big corporations. We perform shows during the day, during the evening as well as weekend shows (although generally this job is a day job). Be ready for a LOT of performing!

Note – Alpha does NOT hire for specific cities only. All hiring is done irrespective of your geographic location or the location of the auditions we hold. If you are hired by Alpha, you will be travelling to Melbourne (at your own expense) to stay with us for rehearsals and staying in our accommodation for the entire tour, and travelling to the locations that your speciifc tour will travel to. There is no correlation between where you are from and the tour’s destinations! All tours perform in Melbourne/VIC, and then do some of the time in other states depending on the tour. We come to other states to save you the cost of travelling to Melbourne to audition as a courtesy, but we do expect all actors hired to be Melbourne based (and therefore get themselves to our accommodation on their own if hired at the start of rehearsals).

How long will we be away from home?

Although you may be away from home (ie. Melbourne) for 2-3 consecutive weeks, only when we travel interstate would you be away over weekends. Sometimes we have weekend shows as well, but this is rare. Sometimes a week is really easy, lots of shows in Melbourne and home nice & early. Some weeks are harder with travel in the evenings to get to a new town. If you step up to drive the truck you are paid substantially more. You will definitely need to show resilience & develop independence from family and friends. We have had many cast members struggle if being on tour means being away from a boyfriend or girlfriend or a familiar routine. You will want to be adventurous and ready for a new lifestyle if this is your first tour! This is a professional, mature acting job and you will be want to develop the ability to care for yourself and understand the need to tour to get live theatre to different areas around Australia. This is important – if you are a professional actor you will have come to understand the no matter what job you get in the entertainment industry, you are almost certainly going to be travelling. A professional actor understands this. A movie role in a major feature film, working at a theme park, performing on a cruise ship, touring in a major musical, going to Hollywood, shooting Lord of the Rings in New Zealand – all of it requires travelling. The Alpha job is no different! You should be prepared for a reasonable amount of travel and variation in your life – get ready to ‘live the show’! If you hate travel or can’t stand the idea of being away from home, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your parents, not only should you not apply for Alpha, you may need to seriously consider how the entertainment industry will work for you long term. Performing jobs that just happen to be based in your home town for any length of time are very rare! Even if you get one like being cast in Neighbours, your next gig is probably going to involve traveling – most TV actors move to Hollywood, and most musical theatre performers once more successful, end up on long tours around Australia where you might only do a few weeks or a month or so in your home town. We know that Alpha may not be your ultimate ‘goal’ for your performing career, we get that, but it is the same as these experiences in terms of being away from home and the need to become accustomed to that reality. In that way, Alpha is a great preparation job to help build the resilience and skills needed to take your dream to the extreme and prove you’re ready to go to Hollywood or tour in major musicals. The skills you learn by being on tour with Alpha are hard to gain anywhere else, especially for young inexperienced performers. You gotta love the lifestyle of a performer to really get it and love it. All that said – you can do it! We will care for you and make sure you’re supported on tour, just be up front and let us know how we can help you! Your Tour Manager is very approachable and cares a great deal about the welfare of every cast member, even between tours.

How much do we get paid?

See the Company Pay Structure. We pay different rates for various types of days. Most days we do 2 shows in 2 different venues, and the rate for a day like this ends up being higher than equity (if you divide the equity weekly rate by 5 to get an approx daily rate). Some days are easier days, with less time needed from you (and less income for the company) so the pay is a bit less on these days. The pay is very fair and reasonable and the structure has been created with consultation and full transparency with our Ensemble Actors (actors that are part of the company long term and have the opportunity for acting work over most of the year). There are also higher pay rates for returning cast members playing the same role in the same show, as we very much value actors who desire to stay in the Company long term and challenge themselves by doing the same show again but learning more about their own performing abilities. We find this can be rewarding for an actor and so we reward that as it also helps the company to have experienced people in each show. Please let us know early on whether you are thinking you’d like to do lots of shows with us over a few years (we can’t read minds!). Additionally, there are many other perks both financial and non-financial to the job, some of which are highlighted in the Actor Downloads on the left hand side menu here. Check them out and have a read of what benefits we provide to long term Company Cast Members and Ensemble Members.

How many shows per day?

Alpha tours perform 2 shows for most days of the tours, occasionally we will only perform one & have an afternoon off or travel to a new town. Sometimes (very rarely), a cast might perform three shows in a venue, during school time, or two during school time & one in the early evening. A more detailed itinerary is given to all actors on the last day of rehearsals. We give you access to our calendar on your phone, so you can start to get an idea of the tour. Any questions you can direct to your Tour Manager.

Do we do our own setting up?

All the cast members become familiar during rehearsals in various areas of sound and lighting. So yes! Part of this job is working as a team of 6 to create the magic of theatre for our audiences! You’ll be overwhelmed for the first day or so but then it just slots into place after a few good sleeps! We’ve been doing this a long time and it really is a magical experience to work with your fellow cast mates and set up such an impactful event in such a short time. We schedule 90 minutes for set ups, but eventually they usually only take about 30 minutes, with the rest of the time spent doing mic checks and getting into costumes and waiting for the audience to arrive! It’s all very exciting and VERY rewarding because the final result really does look like you’re performing a major musical with all the same top quality mics and sound system and lighting – all very theatrical!  So it’s no big deal (and quite a lot of fun!) – you will never be ‘left alone’ to do something difficult, we have a lot of experienced cast members that you’ll be working with. Bonus though – after mastering the job with Alpha, you are experienced enough to take on almost any job in the industry. Important though – you must not have any previous serious injuries if you’re going to work in Alpha – no bad backs or injured knees, as you will be doing moderate lifting. Don’t worry, everything is safe and divided into easy to manage ‘bits’, and it’s all perfectly reasonable for a healthy active performer – we won’t kill you! It’s just to make the shows as impactful as possible. If you’re like us (and we hope you kinda are in some ways!) you’ll quickly get a passion for the technical aspects of the show. Not only do you learn a lot personally, but you can really feel a great sense of contribution as the hard work you put in before the show to set up really pays off in the reaction and delight of the audience. Therefore, you should not apply for Alpha if you’re the type of actor that is just about the ‘fame’ or attention (we’re sure you’re not like that!). Don’t get us wrong, you will get plenty of adoration by our audiences, they’ll ask you for autographs and surround you after the shows asking questions.

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