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Nexus Arts – Alpha Shows

We have had a wonderful company, Nexus Arts, work with us since 2005 to help bring our shows to schools we’ve never been to before, or schools who just refuse to book through anybody else other than Nexus. Sue Russell is a very passionate woman who runs the company, as well as Robyn who does a lot of bookings in other states. We love our relationship with them, as they’re committed to only having awesome quality stuff sent to schools. They have a lot of performers on their books, all great, and the best way I’ve seen people interact with them is to have 4 shows (1 per term) at their school, Alpha always being one of them to keep the full productions from us there annually… It’s important to have us once a year so that the shows messages ‘stack’ and integrate for the 7 years of primary school, or the few years of high school that we might see some of the older year levels.

If you have a current relationship with Alpha, please continue to book directly with us as whilst we love Nexus we run out of money very quickly and can’t afford to pay Nexus their commission for EVERY school we visit!! :) But if on the other hand, you are someone who always books through Nexus and loves Sue and Robyn, then by all means liaise through them and arrange Alpha that way. It is nice and easy that way if you’re already dealing with them.

This post is just to give a shout out to our great agent, Nexus, and for all their great work they do for the industry.

Here is a link to their website and our page on there:


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5 Steps to Misery

As of course, our shows are all about how to live life the most MISERABLE you possibly can, I thought this video might help

[Of course, if you aren’t picking up my sarcasm, well, it’s there! This video is hilarious, because a lot of people live life like this, people I even know, and it’s quite poignant to have it be so obvious in a video like this – just do the opposite and your life will rock!]

YouTube Preview Image

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Are you going to finish strong?

Thought this might be something people enjoy, as he clearly believes in the same things we believe in here at Alpha.

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Link Arms – Bushfire Benefit

Link Arms – Bushfire Benefit

Our star Mark Taylor, currently performing in Hercules as Hercules, has produced and created an entire event to raise money for the bushfire appeal. Here is the poster. If you can make it, please support Mark and the charities by buying a ticket, and bidding on the auction. Alpha is offering 5 of its shows to the auction, so please bid high to support this cause!!


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