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Testimonials – The Alpha Show of The Little Mermaid

“A fantastic opportunity for children to view quality theatre aimed at children. Scenery, costumes of outstanding quality.” – Letitia Weber Grahamvale PS

“The message of truth came through the whole show. Great messages about truth for the students. Lower grade teachers” – Heathcote PS

“Wonderful experience for our students. The storyline lead to lots of interesting conversation with our older children about character traits, stereotypes, set design and storylines. So many educational aspects to refer to, which was great. Linked in so well with our values education. THANKS!” – Senior teachers Heathcote PS

“All teachers enjoyed watching the students enjoy themselves. The costumes are amazing, and the actors are wonderfully entertaining. The scenery was great.” – Belinda Bounds Woodlands PS

“Another great Alpha theatre production, funny, upbeat and interactive.” – Rebecca Attard Concord School

“Enthusiasm of actors was great- you were able to encourage children to listen.” – Pauline Moody Canadian Lead PS

“We love Alpha performances- staff and students look forward to your shows each year.” – Gail Holmes George St PS

“Amazing lessons about about values. Great motivator for kids wanting to follow this as a career path!¬†Brilliant! We ALWAYS enjoy when you come!” – Abby Wootton Tongala PS

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Testimonials – The Alpha Show of King Arthur

“Great retelling of an old story, with the usual injection of humour and modern- day references.” – Cathy Biggins Naracoorte South PS

“All were engaged for the whole show, even preps during their first week at school.” – Sue Chambers Tallangatta PS

“Really enjoyable show- great messages.” – Neil Thomson Kiewa Valley PS

“The children were enthralled by the whole performance. They didn’t take their eyes off the performers, sang along and loved every minute of it!” – Naomi Wilson St Luke’s Catholic PS

“Impressed – as always. Totally professional in all aspects. A wonderful theatrical experience enhanced by the enthusiasm generated by the cast. Congratulations to you all. We had a “Wow!” of a time!” – Sally Malcolmson Morwell Park PS

“The interaction was fantastic! Colourful costumes, great music, very engaging! All the actors were great with the students!” – David Witte Glenhuntly PS

“They love it! The grade 6 students want to come back next year, it’s that good!” – Danny Forrest Principal Donald PS

“Involving the students is always fantastic and you do it so well! You all develop a rapport with the students, get them involved and yet can calm them so quickly.” – Joanne Hardy Haddon PS

“The students became very involved and enthusiastic almost immediately- they just love your performances and children right from prep- 6 were engaged ALL the way through the show.” – Joanne Hardy Haddon PS

“Fabulous messages fit into curriculum well. Teachers love the build up focus on fairy tales/legends/acting and performance.” – Maree Seymour Sherbourne PS

“I love it! We all get involved and immersed in the whole experience like the kids. That’s why we keep asking you back!!!” – Patricia Amerena Coburg West PS

“The kids were excited, enthralled, enthused……. The energy you generate is amazing!” – Jenny Scott Mossgiel Park PS

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Testimonials – The Alpha Show of Aladdin

“It is so good to be able to rely on the quality of the performance year after year.” – Helen Lyons St Patrick’s school

“Colourful, loud, fast-moving ” A festival of sight and sound”! I love the multilevel experience you provide. All staff and students take something away form the Alpha performance. Congrats, Mark and cast.” – Cathy Biggins Naracoorte South PS

“Always fantastic, professional and entertaining with relevant themes and messages. Thanks for all your effort!” – Natalie Smyth Rowellyn Park PS

“Excellent teacher resources via website. Great show! Thanks for entertaining us!” – Renee Mc Manus Whyalla Town PS

“We love Alpha! Great shows. Keep coming back.” – ¬†Kaylene Wheeler St Thomas’ school

“Children are so hooked into technology that they often miss out on live experiences and it is great to see the animation on their faces.” – Sue Morton Paynesville PS

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Testimonials – Theatres / Public / Families

“The actors were extremely believable and very colourful. Fantastic sets with simple and effective change overs. Very interactive with audience. Alpha have once again impressed us with their professionalism and enthusiasm to please. Fun4Kids was extremely pleased with Alpha’s Sleeping Beauty – the audience reactions were very positive and they are now growing a following of young theatre goers. Congratulations!” – Anne-Marie Quinlan, Fun4Kids Festival 2005

Even though the girls had just been to see Disney on Ice –
‘Alpha’s Sleeping Beauty’ was all they could talk about
and were very excited to be
seeing it again today at Federation Square. We even brought the rest of the family for today’s
showing. Even a two-year old (who are famous for having attention spans as big as a gnat’s wing) sat enthralled for almost an hour; the three year old was right into it for the whole show and the seven year old was straight onto the website the minute we got home to find out more.” – Giovanna Stevenson

“We’ve received lots of excellent feedback from the general public. The shows were EXCELLENT! Lots of music, excellent quality of performance, set and costumes. Good script! Ben – it was excellent – thanks so much. We certainly don’t seem to have a problem getting people to come along! Would love to add another of your shows to our next season.” – Kate Deacon, Federation Square

“Excellent, lots of energy, very engaging for audience. Very professional – good range of product. Very slick/smooth, it looks effortless!” – Daniel Sandler, Federation Square

“Kids really responded to the characters. Great script – something for old & young to enjoy. It was great to see past feedback incorporated and Prince Charming giving up his position for his love! Nice work. I was surprised at how much all the kids got into it (3 – 12 years). Some really little ones were scared sometimes, but overall it was a fabulous reaction. Great to see our staff all up dancing too! Fabulous! We look forward to it every year and the kids love it. An all round professional experience, especially in the Alexander Theatre (Monash). Great job Ben!” – Dinah Humphries, Monash Vacation Care

“It was a very tight and slick production. Helpful and professional. Many comments that it was one of the best performances they saw at Fun4Kids in 2006. The comedy was well targeted – great for kids and adults alike. Overall a brilliant addition to our festival program. Thanks!” – Lisa McLeod, Prog Manager Fun4Kids Festival

“What a terrific time the family had at the Fun4Kids festival. It was amazing to hear my daughter’s highlight was the Sleeping Beauty production, which she saw almost all 4 shows during the festival [Alpha did 6 shows at the festival]. Is it possible to get hold of the production on either a CD or DVD. It will truly make the whole event surreal! We are still on your WebPage listening to the Production Music. Looking forward to next year’s production of Cinderella at the festival” – Mario Pansino

“Over-the-top, big & bold – totally befitting the genre. Costumes excellent, sets worked well, sound very good. High quality production, 9 out of 10 (I never give a 10/10). Conduct, 10 out of 10! Wonderful group of people (I must give a 10/10). A high quality adaptation, production and performance, and well cast. Marketing materials are good and delivered well in advance. It’s very clear what the product is. The audience loved it.” – Rod Wilson, Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre

“Excellent rapport with audience – clear and articulate. Right on the level for these children. Easy to follow plot and understand subplots. Our first panto – great experience for them. Staff impressed. Excellent cast, well produced play with great level of interaction. Thanks for the experience – children will remember this one!” – Ken Cameron, Hamilton Performing Arts Centre

“Excellent, wonderful singing voices. Excellent conduct. No improvement necessary. Enjoyed by all children and adults. 10 out ot 10!” – Jenny Bowden, at Portland Arts Centre

“Well done, the kids enjoyed it and participated well!” – Renata Varrato, Plenty Ranges Arts and Convention Centre

“Hey Ben,

Just read your messages and I completely understand.

I am just a parent who loves taking his daughter along to your shows in public arenas and have done now for a couple of years.

My daughter and myself enjoy the shows and so much so, we invite others to attend with us.

I have voiced my frustrations to you before about not having your shows on during holidays as venues will not book them I find that frustrating as most of the time they do not know what they are expecting or missing out on.

I know what you mean by fear, but the way I look at it, if you do not display that fear, there is no way to defeat it.

All the best and hope to catch up soon at another public venue.

Derek Screen

(PS: please pass on to all your crew for us – 1, 2, 3 – You rock!)”

“I really enjoyed your show of Sleeping Beauty. I can’t decide who my favriote
character was, but i liked Jamie and Andy. I also liked how Andy started singing What are you waiting for. I also liked Malificent’s Progitive. Talking about songs at my school concert my whole School sang Reach for the Stars, [thats why I knew the song]. At home i’ve been writting a recount, and i’ve wrote about 2 pages of your show.” – Tahlia Pansino

“Dear Alpha Theatrical, My family and I saw your wonderful production of Sleeping Beauty TWICE at the Fun4Kids Festival here in Warrnambool and were wondering is it available on video or DVD for purchase. Looking forward to hearing from you in anticipation” – Jonathan, Jenny, Winona and Venetia Cox

“Just want to offer feedback about the terrific show of Sleeping Beauty that we saw on the weekend at Fed Square. I took my 6 year old on Saturday and she was enthralled. I too was impressed with the professionalism, humour and talent of the performers. We came back on Sunday and noticed that the advertised dance show was cancelled. However, we were happy to watch Sleeping Beauty for the second time, and my daughter cannot stop talking about it, even 2 days later. And she was able to talk with the actors afterwards!

Finally can you tell give me some dates when this show will be on again please? (We’d love to get our cousins to see it too)

Thanks for the opportunity to see such great children’s performers – and for free!” – Kathy Cooney and Georgia (6 years old)

“hi guys

you came to my school ascot vale west primary school and proformed the hunchback of notre dame (it was fab) then you came to my church real life cristian church it was so great the first time i went to my church and saw it again i took some friends and sister they thought it was great this is just a letter to say thank you so much i have learnt a lot from these.


“I know a special song in German that tells the whole story – I was going to sing it for you after the show but Mum wouldn’t let me. My little sister Erin was there too and she liked the show too. She likes Aurora/Rose’s singing and pretty dress.

We hope to bring Dad and our little brother Christopher to tomorrow afternoon’s show.

Can’t wait. See you tomorrow.” – Myee

“Dear Esmerelda,
I saw you proformence The Hunchback of Notre Dame it was realy cool Cool :-). I want to be a childrens entertainer just like you when I grow up!” –

from Georgia (the
girl who is as tall
as you.)

“The quality was fantastic…Fun 4 Kids found both the crew and performers very easy to work with and are keen to have them back in 2005…A terrific addition to our event…Fun 4 Kids Festival was thrilled to host Beauty and the Beast at this years event. Our aim is to put smiles on little faces and we are happy to announce that every little face that saw this show left with a broad grin. A job well done” – Anne-Marie Quinlan, Fun4Kids Festival 2004

“Top stuff! Cute story and very creative. Very professional and very entertaining. The children loved it! It was clever and creative modifying modern songs to suit the story.” – Danielle Schwabe, Footscray YMCA Holiday Program

“Excellent – it has been very easy and informative to deal with the whole company. I am very impressed at the work that you put into your shows and your business in general. The children loved it – and some jokes for adults too! Especially like the songs/themes about being able to achieve anything. The supplementary materials were great. Everyone was very professional and overall the interactions with the children were engaging and rewarding for them. Support material was also very helpful. Keep up the good work guys! – Dinah Humphries, Monash Vacation Care

“Fantastic, held the kids attention the whole way through. Great, very bright and appropriate. Easy to follow and encouraged audience participation. Very friendly and related to the kids well. Awesome production, the kids and teachers were raving about it afterwards.” – Stacie Oliver, Team Leader Vacation Care Ballarat YMCA

“Children thoroughly enjoyed it – fantastic, child level. Everyone that attended thoroughly enjoyed the event. Involving the children was fantastic.” – Debbie McCann, Tatura Children Centre

“Kept children involved really well. Fantastic! I loved the remake of the songs and the way the song lyrics are funny.” – Rebecca Guy, YMCA Bendigo Regional

“Some jokes/songs were a little old for our younger audience but they loved it – the children had a BALL! It was interactive and they learned heaps.” – Andrea Lane, YMCA of Moonee Valley

“Fantastic! Realistic and authentic looking. I loved it! The script was believable and related well! The kids loved it, the performers encouraged audience participation and overall it was extremely entertaining for all who watched it. I loved the costumes and performers interpretation of the characters, it was so nice to see that so much effort had been put in to a show for the kids. Thank you!” – Rebecca Kleeberg, Hastings School Holiday Program

“Absolutely fantastic. The children were very entertained, they loved it and so did the staff! etc etc” – Campbell Atkinson, Mornington School Holiday Program

“I thought the actors were fantastic, they were great! I was surprised at how good the costume/set/sound was. The lighting was good but would have been better if our venue was darker. No doubt about it, FANTASTIC. It was really good, well written and presented. An easy 10! Actors were fabulous. The way you guys presented the play was amazing. The kids and staff enjoyed it. Would love to see another production. I really like how the music/singing came in and out of it. It came in and out at the right times, really great. Also how the actors got the children involved was good. Also the use of people they would know, Shannon, Guy, Millsy and Eminem, fantastic.” – Michelle Lenahan, Footscray YMCA

“The performance was very professionally done, I was very impressed and entertained. Well done, you achieved a lot with what you had. The modern songs and script made it easy for the children to relate. Excellent with children, really got everyone involved. Very professional, kept everyone entertained for the entire time, well done. The overall performance was awesome, they brought the story to life in a way children could enjoy and relate to.” – Danielle Schwabe, Footscray YMCA

“Fantastic acting, very high standard (great voices!). I was disappointed I could not organise one of our theatres here at Monash [as it would have been perfect]. It kept the children interested through the whole show. No need [for improvements]! We would definitely like you back next year!” – Rita Gualtieri, Monash University Vacation Care Program

“Lively, colourful and full of enthusiasm. Clever story, great…overall fabulous!” – Barb Hall-Duggan, Ballarat YMCA Vacation Care

“Funny, kept to story well. As well as keeping the Cinderella story with modern songs and funny bits. It’s great how it is different every time. Well done! Loved it, very entertaining.” – Bec Guy, Kangaroo Flat YMCA

“Excellent, very well done and put together. Great, good positive interaction with children. It definitely reflected children’s world today. Transformed our space remarkably. Great actors and set. Kids loved it. Great manipulation of age old story into an excellent modern production. Even senior boys enjoyed it.” – Mornington Peninsula Holiday Program

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Testimonials – The Alpha Show of Hercules

“Students loved it! Was very ‘accessible’ to all, and they got the ‘message’. These children get very little opportunity to see live performances – having one come to school that is so professional and provides the whole experience is invaluable” – Keir Jasper, Findon PS

“Excellent – something for all age levels including adults. Related to our “You can Do It” program. Overwhelmingly positive response from everyone. Children were enthralled for the entire time. Song choices were excellent and quality of voices also excellent. Popular and current.” – Jo Jolley, Burbank PS

“Very positive and enthusiastic response. Warm cast interaction with students. Good use of current hit songs – well integrated into storyline.” – Lindsay Paterson, Westgrove PS

“Very professional – great audience participation. Sensational, hilarious and moving. Strong message in a digestable format. Brilliant. All age groups were enthralled (Almost have as much fun as the staff!). Alpha is such a reliable experience! The school gets so much out of each performance.” – Chris Kilmartin, Lalor West PS

“Great singing, dance steps, especially Phil! Very professionial. Completed by Gr 5 + 6 students at Toora PS. All voted for points scored (10 out of 10 for everything). Thoroughly enjoyed this performance and look forward to Aladdin in 2008.” – Kerry Corcoran, Toora PS

“Good message. Fantastic as per usual! Keep up the high standard! They thoroughly enjoyed it all! Great set and props, children could identify with modern day songs, good moral to the story” – Jo Blake, Foster PS

“Fantastic performers – wonderful voices! Great job of simplifying a complicated story! First rate. P-2 really excited, all P-6 totally engaged. Overall theatrical experience, lights sound song dance, sword fights, giving students a chance to see live theatre…” – Sue De Silva, Mirboo North PS

“Very professionial, well organised. Didn’t like the American accent, just stuck a slightly false note for me [Ben: yeah well we felt it time to use an American accent, we use accents from all over the world, we thought it was about time to stop being discriminatory towards those silly Americans!]. Spot on in terms of values education. Exactly what we’re teaching in terms of values. Always excellent, never disappoints. All really positive, from all year levels. Love the positive messages, costumes, themes. Great singing, obviously professional singers. I think the traditional ‘fairytale’ stories are better for primary school kids – more accessible plots.” – Debbie Coffey, Osborne PS

“Fantastic, terrific, great, excellent! Able to build on resilience etc into curriculum. Very enjoyable and highly entertaining.” – Maria Camillo, Holy Name School

“Excellent, excited, totally involved from P-6. Professional performance, great opportunity for our students to be exposed to a live performance” – Sheryl Somerville, Quarry Hill PS

“Fabulous. Connection to lifeskills – resilience etc, fits in with the “You can do it” program being introduced at our school. Kid so involved, singing along, interacting, excitement built pre-show – KIDS LOVE ALPHA!” – Marg Parry, Heathcote PS

“Loved it as always. It was cool, fun, exciting. You don’t have to be strong to be a hero. Great fun – participation. Fabulous values.” – Pam Davis, Tongala PS

“Each actor brough their character to life. I enjoy the ‘adult humour’ and as all teachers do. Resilience, confidence etc – brilliant values. Every single child was captivated, spell bound and entertained. Brilliant. It was awesome and it relates to all of the children. The music and songs were fantastic! Children’s active involvement is great!” – Guthrie St PS

“A fantastic response and great enjoyment from preps to the coolest of the grade 6’s. A teacher’s quote: “the quality of the singing was better than in the traditional pantomimes she had seen in England”. Interaction with children was great. The actors obviously love what they do and engage all age groups. The staff looks forward to this production every year. Lots of positive comments float around the staffroom for days afterwards.” – Letitia Weber, Grahamvale PS

“Related well to the children and kept them totally engaged for the duration of the play. Script very well written. The modern references were very well received by children. Few hidden references for the adults too! Very professional. Obviously enjoy what they do. In depth and engaging support docuementation. Great that there are materials aimed at all school levels. Good strong positive message. Kids understood what was being conveyed. Best school production I have seen. I enjoyed it more than some of the kids. Thought it was great. No improvement needed. Thought the use of modern songs was genius. Had kids singing and moving to the music. References to PSP, Wii etc were great. Kids loved that. Use of humour was excellent. Kept kids and teachers alike amused and engaged.” – Celia Lee, Bourchier St PS

“Great voices and fantastic enthusiasm and rapport with audience. Always makes it age appropriate and includes language the kids relate to. Very friendly and adaptable/organised. Great ideas – lots of material to work on! Makes it more meaningful to kids back in classroom by having good post/pre show material. Ties in with our values + You can Do it etc. Well put together – great acting/singing. Also scene changes very effective. I think the kids showed their appreciation in their questions at the end + in their participation and enthusiasm during the show. Plus they were unanimous in their response to ALPHA returning next year. Excellent mix of comedy/dance/singing and story telling. They way Alpha present their shows always brings the characters and stories to life and really gets the audience involved.” – Sally Stacey, Sandringham PS

“Very professional – very jealous! How clever (the script) – I love it! And the kids faces tell 25 stories! Thank you thank you thank you – the boys love it. Very cleverly done. What more can I say. I love it and enjoy promoting it to the students. I just love your work. You bring so much joy to the kids, they are mesmerised. I love watching their faces as you perform. The kids talk about your performance for days, weeks even months later. I’m very jealous! You are all so good at what you do. Keep it up! I miss your performance, mostly because I love to watch the faces of the kids. How rewarding is your job. FANTASTIC!” – Jenny Scott, Mossgiel Park PS

“Very well rehearsed, confident and related well to the audience. Very clever – even humour added for the benefit of the teachers!. Gave the students and staff a lot of time. Very clear message. Best yet! Students have written letters to the cast to express their excitement at being involved with the production. They were captivated by the performance and gained a lot through the experience. Looking forward to next years productino, can’t wait! Thank you” – Mossgiel Park PS

“All seemed to enjoy their roles and protrayed this to the children. The scenery etc was excellent. The music was modern and appropriate – the children enjoyed this aspect too. All took time to answer the children’s questions etc. Can’t wait for the next one! I am impressed with all the Alpha Shows I have seen (five of them!) I think they are always excellent. My children loved the show. The boys all thought Laura was beautiful in her red dress. They all liked Hercules — ‘muscles’ and Hades costume. I like the way every effort is made to engage all the children. Every child in my class was so excited to be going and full of praise after the show. All made comments abotu the costumes and how pretty the girls in the cast were. The boys loved the sword fights.” – Mossgiel Park PS

“My students loved it! What a fantastic experience for the students, I even brought my own daughter in to view it! You cater to all age levels and we all love it.” – Mossgiel Park PS

“All children engaged, excellent. Some of the lines just a little above preps heads [Ben: yes they are for older students and adults!]. Having children participate in the play is a great idea. Fabulous” – Kunyung PS

“Excellent. Loved traditional theatre with current music, humour for adults much loved!!! Clever on different levels. We really appreciate your efforts! Thanks for driving from Ararat overnight!. Wow! Wonderful! Could we billet the group in 2008!! – At least provide dinner and drinks!” – Joy Hay-Smith, Paynesville PS

“Stand tall was an excellent message for the kids – positive body language etc very valuable. Outstanding quality production at an amazing price! In the 4th year of our Alpha Shows there was far less of a ‘stand back cool kids’ element in our upper grades – they were guessing which teacher you would pick o n! Whole school now familiar with and love the traditions. The wonderful audience participation, use of popular songs, humour in script…” – Maree Seymour, Sherbourne PS

“Excellent. Such a great support to the curriculum. Themes of honesty, integrity, forgiveness etc excellent.” – Val Lockwood, Healesville PS

“Loved the weasel, so excited about the whole thing. The music and singing seemed to be well loved by all. Each year I really look forward to the finale song which our older children seem to know by heart and leaves you feeling on such a high. Well done keep providing us excellent shows.” – Graham Haynes, Kananook PS

“Message was explained clearly. Fascinating story. Would love to see it again. Want to come back next year (from Secondary schools) to see Aladdin. One of the best! Funny and entertaining. Thanks for the autograph. Enjoyed talking to the actors afterwards. Cool (from year5/6). Excellent. High level of excitement throughout. Great volume of singing and dialogue. Wonderful student participation. Clever use of current songs / technlogy / culture to tell ancient story. As unforgettable as all previous ALPHA productions.” – Kananook PS

“Lots of energy and great comedy! The hero concept came through strongly. They absolutely loved it. Hopefully will be exhausted afterwards! Great fun. Haven’t laughed that much in ages!” – Patricia Amerena, Coburg West PS

“Excellent. Storyteller spoke a bit fast. They worked well with kids. Workshops great! The kids, teachers and parents all enjoyed it. Night show was fantastic and lots of fun. We nearly fell off our chairs laughing. The sets looked really good. The sword fight was good. Pegasus and Hercules were cute. Ben’s laugh was awesome. Great song choices again. Enjoyable, quality experience for the children. The values part covered is very important and well done. Crowd participation makes the show, especially through pre-show workshops and info. Adult show was excellent. Everyone loved it, laughed a lot and nwant to come back next year. They all said they felt fired up and happy at the end of the show. I t hink they will even dress up next year! Thanks again and I can highly recommend the show being done in this way (a separate adults only evening show). A lot of fun. Make sure they know to join in etc before the show if doing it for someone else. Adds to the atmosphere. Suggestion, could go a bit further and dress someone up for a small part in a scene or something like that – a bit like a theatre restaurant. We are thinking of having a meal served next year too.” – Jenny Goldsmith, Donald PS

“We are continually impressed with the quality each year. The children loved it! They enjoyed singing along with the songs they knew. It’s great how the actors involve the audience. Thank you all – it was fabulous as always!” – Pam Hillas, Black Hill PS

“Metaphor explanations really good. Very engaging for the children. They really enjoy being involved and tend to stay focussed on the storyline. Very positive.” – Melissa, Haddon PS

“Being a hero part of the play – inspiring. Staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the show. Sword was mentioned several times, liked the fact that Hercules didn’t die. 90 min went very quickly – the children were enthralled. It was a great total package – very organised and entertaining. A great pantomime feel.” – Jane Moore, Westbourne Park PS

“Fantastic! Please come back! Oustanding, funny, amusing, highly entertaining. Very impressed with the quality. Cute girls. A great show that captivated the children and teachers. The show was fantastic, the children really got involved and enjoyed the show. The intereaction with the teachers was funny too!” – Irymple PS

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Testimonials – The Alpha Show of Cinderella

“Good messages within. You Can Do It program – good links. Good teacher support pack. A great performance!!! Thanks. As always it was fantastic. Another great performance”. – Jackie Alexander, George St PS

“Professional and entertaining. I wish all our contacts were this good (with regard to conduct on the day). Good links with You Can Do It program. Plenty of ideas and suggestions for activities. We all thoroughly enjoyed the production for the 4th year in a row. Keep doing what you are doing so well. Children thoroughly enjoyed the performance, even though some Grade 6 boys didn’t like to show it! Great responses when we got back to school. Liked the special effects. Great costumes. Very clever set construction with effective changes. Look forward to Hercules. Hopefully will have a bit more time to familiarise children with original story.” – Barbara Poustie, Quarry Hill PS

“The enthusiasm of the actors is obvious. Question time is great. Support material very worthwhile.” – Shane Harricks, Tongala PS

“The feedback from the children was extremely positive. The script is clever enough to entertain children and adults at a variety of levels. Once again I am impressed with the quality of the production you are able ot present to our children. I appreciate the effort and professionalism of Alpha Shows and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.” – Chris McCallum, Katunga PS

“Once again, absolutely BRILLIANT! Loud, clear, full of expression. Very clever and witty (script). Thankyou (Teachers love this). Cast were extremely well mannered/polite/cute etc. This is good to be able to have follow up lessons at teachers pace. Alpha are First Rate Quality! Excellent Value. You could come 2 x a year! I could not see a single student who was not engaged during the entire performance -> very hard act to follow. The music, fantastic. The script, costumes, cast, all fantastic. Evil Stepmother – you rock!” – Lisa Veysey, Guthrie St PS

“Outstanding, as we have come to expect. Incorporated stereotypes with today’s jargon & humour to suit all age groups. Music used also accessible to the young audience. First Rate! Terric role models for primary students, especially popular with senior kids, which is always a great yardstick. Teacher Support Material is very comprehensive with pre-show/post-show ideas. Maybe some activities – quiz questions, word-search, comprehension would be valuable. A high quality, professional production that we all look forward to each year. Sets, lighting, sound, costumes, script, continuity all great. Kids loved participating and responded positively to the show. 90 mins passed very quickly and no child asked to leave the room, which goes to show how engaged they were. Even g.6 boys and girls became involved with the characters and demonstrated an interest in the performance and the performers as displayed during question time. The show gives teachers considerable material for literacy. In my own class I asked my g.3/4 students to write their own version of Cinderella after discussion your performance, old-fashioned values, stereotypes and formulaic structure of fairytales. Of high relevance and value to our curriculum. CONGRATULATIONS AND THANKS TO YOU ALL.” – Marg Roberts, Kunyung PS

“They were professional and had a lot of fun. It was a well thought out and professional production that related to the children. They interacted very well with the students. I thought it was an excellent production, definitely the best school based production I have seen.” – Peter Walsh, Westgrove PS

“Lots of action, great voices (accents). Traditional story with a twist. Fantastic, thanks Ben (very professional). Kids loved the story, action, music and performances. 1. Good professional organisation. 2. Punctual. 3. Great music. 4. Great action. 5. Great costumes. Sorry about the power failure!” – Stephen Hawkins, Brighton PS

“A great show again Ben! Thank you – Next year…” – Graham Haynes, Kananook PS

“Children loved it. Great. It was funny! Audience participation, morals of the story were no compromised. Romance upheld – important for children nowadays! Liked links to “You Can Do It” program. Music was familiar to kids”. – Kananook PS

“Held the attention of the audience throughout the performance. High level of enjoyment from the audience. A most enjoyable experience for everyone – teachers and children. Excellent props, costumes and story. I think the mouse really stole the show. Well done!” – Stuary Gilchrist, Kananook PS

“Excellent job! Costumes excellent, script funny and enjoyable for all ages. Enjoyed by all. Prep children were on such a high after performance. Loved it! Stepmother was scary. The children were dancing around after production. The whole school involvement was excellent.” – Amanda Russell, Kanannook PS

“The students thought it was fantastic! There were gasps of delight when they saw the fire. They were spellbound by the disappearing pumpkin and booed in all the appropriate places! It was a real treat for students and staff alike. Fantastic costumes and scenery added to the quality of the show and the talent of the performers.” – Glenys Bailey, Kananook PS

“The actors appeared to be enjoying themselves and this came through to the audience. Terrific. I thought it was great because it gave an old and valued story new spark. It is critical we keep such stories alive. The conduct of the performers was professional at all times. I think they have a good grasp of the knowledge that it is what they bring to the production that makes or breaks the play. It brought an age old fairytale into modern times. The value of fairytales is huge (particularly comprehension) and the play rekindled that spirit to love such stories. The best judge of this is the reaction of the children and they loved it. They were allowed ‘to be part’ of the play. It mixed a serious story with humour, dance, music etc to make it live. As stated above the children really enjoyed it. Once of the strengths was the play/musical comedy and that it appealed to the various ages in different ways yet still conveyed the social messages the story revolves around. Excellent. I thought it was terrific as it involved the audience ie. interactive, and had good ‘pace’ which maintained the audience’s interest. As cited a couple of times above the survival of fairytales is critical to continued development of literacy skills. This show goes a long way to assist this (as well as encouraging performing arts). Val Lockwood, Healesville PS

“Excellent. Bit loud at times, but I’m old! Excellent. A great production again! In tune with children. Excellent support materials pre and post production. Excellent during question time – time to consolidate. All children were totally engaged in the show. Great pupil participation from Prep to 6. Excellent props, staging. One of the best productions we have seen. Question time excellent idea (teaches values etc). Looking forward to next year.” – Monika Allamby, Macclesfield PS

“Excellent, we loved it. All ways great! Ben we loved everything. We look forward to next year!” – Michael Cowden, Karingal Heights PS

“As always, attention to detail in every way and total professionalism. Just keep doing what you’re doing! Alpha Shows always generate excitement and discussion amongst our students – our Year 7s and 8s want to know why they don’t get to go still! Alpha is always so happy to accommodate our needs and have an obvious commitment to constantly improving and giving our students the best experience possible. I love that even our ‘older’ students enjoy being silly and childish and there were jokes for just the ‘adults’.” – Susie Heggie, The Peninsula School

“More More More! Again another awesome experience. The kids absolutely love every minute and so do the staff! Kepp up the amazing energy, passion and shows!” – Debbie Bay, Concord School

“Excellent. Performers kept the children engaged throughout the performance. Baldrick – Brilliant. Very clever adaptation of fairytale into a modern form. Chn relate to language well. Very professional and helpful. It was great to have both pre and post show material to use – excellent. Concepts relate well to “You can do it” program. Students were thoroughly engaged. Older students enjoyed humour of show and modern songs. Young students were captivated and enthralled for entire performance. Teachers all enjoy the experience immensely. Many thanks. Question and Answer session very good. Interaction with students was valuable, explanations for children was great.” – Jo Jolley, Burbank PS

“Actors related especially to younger kids in front at first, and then fabulous to target older kids – ‘cool kids’. Littlies P-4 love it. Year 5 and 6 loved it because they have had the experience for several years now (of an Alpha Show), and focussed on production elements – that was really great. All children were looking forward to the badguy role Ben would play! Fabulous quality production at great price. Terrific appeal to all ages. Great choice of songs and script. Audience interaction and involvement.” – Maree Seymour, Sherbourne PS

“Dancing, singing and stagecraft were all terrific. Costumes, sets, lighting, sound and script were all highly professional. The children really appreciate the modern jokes/references to internet, playstations etc. Early arrival and setting up of equipment in a new space was excellent. Good integration with the school You Can Do It program. The students were thoroughly engrossed by the play and loved the interactive bits. One student near me was almost beside himself with excitement. I really liked the opportunity for the children to watch a professional production prior to our school concert. Thanks very much!” – Peter Brown, Malvern Valley PS

“Very entertaining. The performers and Ben were easy to communicate with and very accommodating. Highly appropriate support materials. The Values Education was great, talks abotu being yourself etc. Students very engaged and loved it. Great way to involve kids.” – Cheryl Newton, Malvern Central School

“We thoroughly enjoyed the performance and can’t wait until you visit us again next year. We always find the production team extremely professional. The script, costumes ad sets were terrific.” – Tamara Dunne, St Aloysius

“Fantastic – loved it! Great to see you choose stories the children know. Loved it. Loved being loud and booing for the baddie. Good to see some ‘adult jokes. Keeps us entertained. Cheers!” – Stacey Oldham, Black Hill PS

“Drama, imagination, storyline was of a high quality. Very entertaining. Well done. Suitable for all ages. The acting was great, along with the props and costumes. Great costumes and scenery.” – Louise Rogerson, Haddon PS

“Thanks Ben! Another wonderful experience for our kids. Thanks to the cast members for writing back to our students too – the replies generated great excitement! The kids are now talking about Hercules – a couple have already borrowed the book from the library.” – Jenny Scott, Mossgiel Park PS

“It was impressive that actors were able to play multiple roles convincingly. We enjoyed the use of modern songs and the way they fitted perfectly into the script. Everyone was very approachable, they answered all the children’s questions and have already replied to some of their letters. The children have viewed the website and enjoyed the games. The values theme supports our Friendly Schools and Families program. THE BEST ONE YET! The performances from Alpha are getting better every year. It was loved by all students who attended from years Prep to 6. The students have sent personal feedback in letters to the actors. Choice of songs, costumes, new set and special effects, enthusiasm of actors – looking forward to next year!” – Caroline McInerney and Karen Jones, Mossgiel Park PS

“We loved it. Perfect for P-6. Professional, high quality, what energy! Excellent, feeling of excitement throughout the school during the day. Thank you. Teach children how to respond to live theatre, this TV generation doesn’t know how to clap! Loved the sword fights, smoke, magic. Workshops were superb, prepared the children for pantomime. Highlight for all of us. Happy. Everyone loved it – especially the real kiss!” – Joy Hay-Smith, Paynesville PS

“Excellent balance of singing/speaking/involving children. Well written, well modernised. Fantasmagorical. High class. Best in my 33 years of teaching, worth $7! They were so excited when we got back – as I write they are drawing and spontaneously singing “We will rock you”! The professionalism of the actors/production/set. It was a real ‘cool’ treat.” – Jan Bedson, Wodonga PS

“Excellent, excellent, excellent. Fantastic show. A little less audience participation in parts would be good. (Ben: Yeah right, as if we’d take out audience participation!!! The more the better). Story, costumes, actors, sets, msuic etc were fabulous. All seemed to enjoy the show, fantastic. Our students seemed to do a lot of shouting. Great to involve audience but sometimes kids don’t know when to stop. (Ben: Yes, this is YOUR job in the pre-show discussion to talk about sensory acuity of when to ‘be quiet’.)” – Denise, Bourchier St PS

“Superb. True to storyline with a sprinkling of classic and modern references – a great mix. Could NOT hope fore more. Hypnotised. The show did a lot to teach them how to be an audience. Enthralled. Participation excellent. Nice balance of doing and watching. Loved it. Great laugh – for everyone. Appreciated the embedded messages and ‘goodness’ and ‘badness’. Brilliant! Appealed to & connected with adults down to pre-schools. I saw ‘The Gondoliers’ at the State Theatre a fortnight ago – this was better!” – Mary Lang, Tawrin Valley PS

“Actors were fantastic, funny, polished, believable. Script, excellent, mixture of traditional and modern. Ben, helpful, returned email queries promptly. Great website, maybe more worksheets (Ben: did you get the worksheets?), include Cinderella story, links to Cinderella site (Ben: there is a link to the fairytale online, it’s too long to include in the Teacher Support). Getting better every year, a very polished and sharp performance – all the elements of wonderful entertainment for all ages! Workshop with production would be wonderful, need to look at cost etc. (Ben: we can do workshops for you). All students Prep to 6 loved the show immensely. They remembered actors from previous years. Great that all students were included so all were able to experience show. Response – excited, amazed, mesmerized. We all (teachers) loved the ‘adult lines’. The ugly stepsisters were outstanding – very funny and fairly close to how some young girls behave. Adlibbing – great. “I’m a lady”!!” – Sue DeSilva, Mirboo North PS

“Excellent, professional. Enjoyed the pop culture references. Great lighting and costumes. Helpful to have so much information before the show. Fantastic, well written script. A very enjoyable show. Throughly enjoyed by all. Funny show, enjoyed the dancing and jokes. Interaction for the students was fantastic. They were engaged for the whole show.” – Julia Cullen, Heyfield PS

“Brilliant as always. Excellent, very professional. Great for this level. Keep doing what you’re doing – it works! They can’t get enough, fascinated by it all. Enjoyed being allowed to yell and scream. I love the interaction with the children and the choice of songs – the children particularly relate!! Terrific. Costumes and sets were wonderful. Keep up the great work” – Lena Clark, Eltham PS

“The performances were all excellent – great singing, energetic dancing and dynamic acting which engaged the children for the entire show. The script had a powerful and meaningful message with jokes to amuse both children and adults. The costumes and set were of a very high standard. The company conducted themselves in a very professional mannger. The support materials were good as there was a variety of activities for different ages. It’s wonderful to have such a highly professional show for the students to experience in their own school. “The sword fight was awesome” – William, Gr1. “I liked all of it” – Gen, Gr3. “When the two stepsisters met hte Prince” – Sarah, Gr3. “When they were all dancing at the end” – Matthew, Gr1. Brilliant! Funny, engaging, fast-paced, great sets and costumes and professional performances.” – David Eckel, Sandringham PS

“Always a delight to see the actors performances. Better than ever! Very professional and friendly. Again, better than ever, delivered nice and early (Teacher Support). Brilliant! I really liked it but I think it was a bit scary when it got too loud. Well organised, very professional and a great integration into various levels/subjects. That is English, integrated values.” – Patricia Amerena, Coburg West PS

“Fabulous – great rapport with the students and teachers. Excellent – music and dialogue reached preps and the Grade 6’s. Relevant and up to date. Your production reaches the ‘whole’ audience – teachers love it! At an appropriate level. I really enjoyed the performance, as did all the other members of staff. Students response is very positive. You all seem to enjoy yourselves which adds to the whole experience. Well done!!” – Trish Peel, Beverley Hills PS

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Testimonials – The Alpha Show of Sleeping Beauty

“Unlike other company’s shows that focus on one area of the curriculum, Sleeping Beauty covers a broad range of issues relevant to children and important values that can be reinforced in the integrated curriculum classroom.” – Danny Forrest & Jenny Goldsmith, Donald PS @ local theatre for a ‘Family Evening’ show!

“I loved the songs – including music that the kids know; keeping them involved; and all the great morals. Thank you – you do a great job. The adults love it too! :-)” – Michelle Owens, Clairvaux Catholic School

“It was wonderful, it also contained some great themes and values about bullying etc, the children and teachers got a lot out of this production. The actors engaged the children (and the teachers!) thoroughly. Great use of popular culture and the songs were perfect. Sorry it’s just fabulous, can’t think of any improvements! Andy was awesome (from Tyler age 11), Anne-Marie was cool and a good singer (from Lizzy and Nikita age 11). Boy in tights (Kim, teacher) The witch (Laura) was a good actress (Laura age 11)” – Tara Horkings, Tongala PS

“The children were engaged for the whole 90 minute production, which can be difficult for some children!” – Kylie Coutts, Tongala PS

“Terrific, vibrant, animated. Clear communication. The children were awed. There was a lot of excited discussion in the classrooms about the sets, and how you change them, and the beautiful costumes. Lots of pre-show information for class teachers. Early arrival to setup and test sound/lighting and great communication with the school. Alpha shows are loved by our students who look forward to them all year. The costumes, sound and lighting create a wonderful atmosphere and the students relish the opportunity to respond and be actively involved. We believe we receive exceptional value for the cost of Alpha shows. Thanks Ben for another outstanding performance! Once again our students were enchanted by the singing and the beautiful costumes and terrified by the evil Maleficent! The entire Alpha experience excites our whole school and stimulates oral language development and writing activities from Prep to Year 6. Fairytales are great as they help create a shared heritage for our students” – Jenny Scott, Mossgiel Park PS

“FABULOUS! Top singers, great sets (beautiful painting Phil!) Very funny – just keep ’em rolling! Love it. A professional show. Great reactive parts, topical insertions. Most courteous, friendly, and willing to chat and share”. – Lloyd Poole, Kingsley Park PS

“First class acting with lots of enthusiasm and student involvement. Colourful and very flexible. A most creative design (set). Extremely well adapted to the original story. E-bay and supernanny references were fantastic. A responsible, committed and engaging group (Alpha). A magnificent production that had all the viewers transfixed. Keep presenting at the very high standard. I will be recommending the show to my wife who is the Music Teacher at Tyabb. Everything including vibrant character portrayal.” – Peter Wyatt, Kingsley Park PS

“Great characters, the evil Maleficent was brilliant! All excellent, the costumes are simply brilliant! My class was excited about seeing this performance and we certainly weren’t disappointed. Captivated all children from Prep to Yr 6. Lots of good ‘one-liners’ for the teachers to enjoy as well” – Kananook PS

“Sleeping Beauty is of a very high standard and the children are very lucky to experience it. 10 out of 10! I like the way the modern songs are adapted and appeal to the audience.” – Kananook PS

“Excellent costumes, great for all ages and the teachers!! Outstanding. The children love Alpha’s shows – excellent sets, good song choice.” – Martene Matthews & Sarah Fountain Kananook PS

“Excellent – they really captivated the girls full attention and delight. Sets were just beautiful. Very clever adaptation – loved the inclusion of the Moulin Rouge scene! Outstanding. Really excellent, the girls were thoroughly engaged for the full 90 minute performance – the audience participation was well controlled. Well done! It was all wonderful, and well set-up and organised.” – Meredith Borlin, Presbyterian Ladies College

“Great singing, wonderful jokes and sound effects. You did well as our GP room is very small! Great to have it modernised, the children thoroughly enjoyed it.” – Chris Kilmartin, Lalor West PS

“Fantastic – Hilarious! And the singing was impressive. GREAT ADAPTATION WITH INCLUSION OF CURRENT SONGS. EXCELLENT. This was a brilliant incursion, the kids were captivated!! Best elements – encouraging audience interaction, singing, and a very funny script.” – Lalor West PS

“Great acting/singing. So personable. Fantastic set design – it looked great and worked extremely well. Sound was very appropriate in the space. It was great the way the storyline brough in the children. They were so enthralled and ‘hooked’. Very friendly and professional. No problems in setting up. The songs were very well adapted to the storyline – great job! A thoroughly enjoyable experience – totally professional.” – Warren Tofts, Lalor West PS

“Wonderful. It thoroughly captivated the children. It was loud but we could hear every word! Again, wonderful – loved all the costumes. The children always love references to wee, poo and vomit! While the overall tale remained intact the modern adaptation was perfect for our children. Extremely professional and easy to work with. Fantastic – we all loved it. Children don’t normally sit still for so long! The way it involved the children, fitted in with our theme, very slick, professional performance.” – Lee McDonagh, Malvery Valley PS

“Very professional – very clean diction, great accents, timing and facial expressions. Costumes were GREAT!! Lighting was effective. Friendly and accessible to kids – natural/approachable. FANTASTIC – kids loved it and were fully engaged for entire show. First class as is – a very valuable theatrical experience for young children. Humour, good wins over evil, colour, sets, integration of the musical elements with story line – Congratulations on another successful show and thank you.” – Marg Roberts, Kunyung PS

“Excellent – clear voices, appropriate language for this age group. And lots of movement too! Costumes are gorgeous, sets great! Well done Jodie! Beautiful! Great use of pop-songs, humour, facial expressions, body language for this age group. Very professional and friendly. Excellent – giving children a stretch to “clean the castle” is also a great strategy when they’ve been sitting for a long time. The children (5-12 years of age) were all engrossed in the performance, for all the reasons given above. We had a ball! Congratulations and Many Thanks!” – Pam Munro-Smith, Kunyung PS

“Everyone is so animated and puts so much into their voices. Lights and smoke adds to atmosphere. I love the fact that so many contemporary songs and old classics are used. Very professional, generous with their time especially for children. An excellent production. The best elements would be the adaptation to contemporary life. The quick wit of the cast and the fact that children are so involved.” – Patricia Amerena, Coburg West PS

“They are all professional! Fantastic. Detailed sets etc – I will keep asking you back each year! The kids love the shows. The story – I love the farmer idea rather than a prince, and then the crowning of him as he becomes a prince (and the music) was nice. Organising the show is great, Ben is approachable and easy to get in contact with. All performers are lovely/friendly. Songs are well integrated into the story. The ‘Moulin Rouge’ song was fantastic. Sets, props, audio all superb. Keep offering great shows! You are all doing so well. A great professional team :-) What did I like best? Sets/props. Music. Great sound quality. Sleeping Beauty and Jamie first meeting. The humour was great – even for the adults.” – Rosa Licuria, Findon PS

“Couldn’t improve! They like the characteristics of it being a ‘traditional’ pantomime with great one liners thrown in! Props were the best – and you could hear them!” – Jo Blake, Foster PS

“Costumes were fantastic, very professional. Excellent story – kept the older students engaged too. Loved most the student interaction.” – T. Manning, Hamilton and Alexandra College

“Very energetic, excellent performance – kids loved it. Story was very child-based, kids loved the chance to be involved. Good to include new characters that were different from the original. The overall production was fantastic. Loved involving the students and the popular songs that the students knew the words to.” – Emma Burnham, Hamilton and Alexandra College

“Excellent, engaged the audience. Terrific. Relevant entertainment suitable for Primary children. Thoroughly worthwhile experience for the whole school. Keep doing what you’re doing! I loved it all but the involvement of the children in the show was super!” – Rob Emsley, George St PS

“Excellent. Involved the children through participation in songs etc. Motivating for children. The adaptation of an old story to modern themes/music was inspiring. Alpha – very professional and easy to deal with. Show – entertaining and will provide motivation for follow up activities.” – Marg Parry, Heathcote PS

“Excellent! Loved the comedy and cultural references! Fabulous. Very high standard. Tremendous! Great reference points for kids. Very professional. Yet again we are blown away by such a high standard of performance at our school.” – Philip McGuffie, Heathcote PS

“Very professional. Costumes and sets were terrific. Story adaptation was very accurate. Wonderful, very co-operative. A fabulous performance that has the children’s attention for the full 1 and a half hours. No mean feat! Rapport between actors and audience was what I liked best.” – Mick Mattox, Avoca PS

“Another excellent production. Engagement with children, age appropriate, mix with the story/modern. Gives country students fantastic intro to pantomimes (live) production. Same again please! You have done a fantastic job on all 3 performances I’ve seen from Alpha.” – Maria I’ansow, Elmhurst PS

“Very professional. Great for a portable set. Cleverly related to current events. Most enjoyable – very entertaining. Current music, great singing, costumes, special effects, humour – one liners, audience involvement.” – Heidi Morgan, Westgrove PS

“Actors showed great enthusiasm and engaged the students very quickly. Very professional and organised. Excellent production – that’s why we rebook! The older students really liked the sarcasm and humour. I loved the audience engagement, participation, actors enthusiasm and energy, good lead in and follow up with support materials. Up to date with songs from ‘Shrek2′ that the kids knew.” – Shane West, Westgrove PS

“Very professional, very funny! Pleasant, easy to deal with. Thoroughly enjoyable, teachers loved the bits that went over the heads of children. I liked best the audience involvement, singing and dancing, fast moving, grabs all children even the ‘cool’ sixes, didn’t need to keep the children quiet. Real theatre at children’s level.” – Letitia Weber

“Fantastic! Well done! The whole performance was great, the children were totally engaged. I liked best the way the cast engaged the children. Costumes, lighting, the set, it was great to see the children so involved and having a ball. Thankyou.” – Carmel Corrigan, St Patricks Wangaratta

“A fantastic show – thank you so much for coming. I liked best: appropriate to the age group of the audience (Primary students); Audience participation was encouraged; great storyline for students to follow; great variety of actors of varying personalities.” – Greg White, St Raphael’s Preston

“Keep up the great work. Totally engaging, music appropriate. Our students love what you do, fairytales are good as the students know the story.” – Concord Special School

“Great presentation & audience participation. The professionalism of your show was terrific. To engage children for 90 min is fantastic. Costumes, sets, sound, everything was at a top level. Students loved the show and they are your toughest audience. You kept it contemporary (phone/ebay/farts/etc) – Great!” – Maria Buttifant, St Bernadette’s Ivanhoe West

“Terrific, catered for all age levels. Generally it is very hard to do a fairytale, as all children know them very well. You have managed to capture their enthusiasm and involve them extremely well. Excellent inclusion of current themes/topics. A fantastic performance.” – Vivienne Armarego, St Bernadette’s Ivanhoe West

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Testimonials – The Alpha Show of The Hunchback of Notre Dame

“Highly enthusiastic, engaging and entertaining. Looked fantastic, costumes wow, colourful and enticing! Music fab! Very appropriate for this year level (5-7) with great base values! Exceptional – very organised and professional. We were all highly impressed by ALL aspects of the production – the students loved being actively involved! Thanks so much Ben and the Alpha team! WELL DONE! The students (and their teachers) REALLY loved your performance – it was the right blend of humour, entertainment and some values education too! Wonderful pantomime conventions used to allow our students to experience the magic of a panto!” – Alex Patton / Sally Rounsevell, St Columba, Andrews Farm SA

“Great voices, great singing – interaction with children was fantastic. What talent! Costumes were amazing – attention to detail superb. Terrific sound and clever lighting. Well written script to include all elements of pantomime – humour, pathos, songs, choreography. Reinforced our anti-bullying values. Very friendly, professional and accessable to children and staff. An enthralling performance during which children and adults alike were totally absorbed. Great theatre! Apart from the wonderful performance I was very impressed with the total professionalism evident in the pre-show contact and information, the punctuality and the efficient setting-up of equipment etc. Congratulations to Ben and the team, and thank you for a memorable theatrical experience.” – Marg Roberts, Kunyung Primary School

“Great stuff! Very inspiring! Excellent design and use of space. Modernised well and related well to kids’ interests. Excellent shows, the kids and staff had a ball…the kids were so captivated! They couldn’t help but involve themselves. Thanks!!” – Helena Rodger, Kunyung Primary School

“Very professional…chidlren were engaged (oh and adults too!) Great fun and also meaningful…I had a great time!” – Lois Weldon, Kunyung Primary School

“Very talented performers. Great engagement with the audience. Great [script]! Incorporating songs that the children know and relate to is very clever. I loved the interaction between the performers and audience. This is exactly the way pantomimes should be! Well done” – Sally Moore, Kunyung Primary School

“Classic pantomime style, an adaption of the story where good triumphs over evil. Excellent [costumes etc] – colourful and attractive for adults and children. The cast were professional but willing to talk to the children. Enjoyed by adults and children alike. The energy, sense of fun and enthusiasm of the cast and the way that both morals and current events were included in the show.” – Debby Hardman, CRT, Kunyung Primary School

“Very professional…scenery changes were great. Loved the way you adapted the modern songs into the performance. A wonderful experience for all the kids. Excellent teachers notes and performance. The way the performers related to the audience and go the children involved was excellent.” – Mick Mattox, Avoca Primary School

“Brilliant. Kids said “Really Really Good! Amazing, 1st Class Quality!”. Easy to follow script, kept out attention, Kids loved the songs. Improvements? Kids said, “Nothing”, “Perfect”, “Liked it the way it was”. What did we like best? Humour, songs, way they acted, involved the audience, Great actors.” – Martene Matthews, Kananook Primary School

“Excellent – very engaging. Outstanding [sets, lighting etc] – no expense spared! Story was most suitable. Very entertaining for preps to adults. The best production company I’ve seen during my 30 year career. I will highly recommend you to colleagues in other schools.” – Judy Quinn, Kananook Primary School

“Hi Ben – the whole school’s still rocking – the Hunchback was fantastic! The staff met last night and voted unanimously for booking ‘Sleeping Beauty’ for June 2005. Loved every aspect of the performance. Great lighting effects and wonderful costumes. Sound was loud but effective and sets were simple yet conveyed a sense of place. Kids loved the ‘smoke’! It took me a while to assimilate the Croc but the kids loved it. Liked the script once I oriented myself to the adaptation. Very clever use of song and interplay b/w characters, kept us all laughing! Very professional, easy to deal with tour manager. The kids (and teachers) were inspired! Ben, the show is unbelievable value and these prices make it very accessible! The school package is terrific – we learnt ‘Reach’ and the Yr 1 and Yr 2 students performed it for the school at Assembly before the show. The kids are using the set of pictures to write descriptions of the characters. Another triumph! We really like the values that come from the Hunchback pantomime – the production has provided a wealth of stimulus for all classes. We can’t wait for next year! Thanks for a memorable show!” – Jenny Scott, Mossgiel Park Primary School

“Children fascinated, excellent performance. Very effective. Very cleverly done! A very entertaining and quality performance. Thank you!” – Gerda Huininh (Prep Co-ordinator), Mossgiel Park Primary School

“Very enjoyable – children loved the characters! Fantastic – simple yet effective. Children could easily relate due to known songs for them. Professional. The children were entertained at all times – I can tell by their reaction and also how they didn’t fidget!!! Thank you it was terrific!” – Liz Bedson, Westgrove Primary School

“I thought the costumes were excellent. Unfortunately b/c the hall was so bright, lighting was ineffective. Very clear to follow & good main storyline was repeated for chn. I absolutely loved the show, music and ‘adult’ jokes. Keep it up!” – Westgrove Primary School

“A great production. Excellent – colourful, interesting. Extremely funny and entertaining. Engaging and encouraging students participation!” – Westgrove Primary School

“Excellent performers, production side excellent. Sometimes hilarious! Improvements? No need, we really did love it. As always I love the opportunities for students to participate.” – Susie Heggie, The Peninsula School

“Fantastic! Many, very positive comments from both staff and students. Very appropriate [sets, lights, sound etc], easily set up and effective. The story entertained the preps to Grade 6 for the entire 90 minutes. Terrific – very professional, thank you. Terrific feedback received – an entertaining production that kept all enthralled. I reiterate what our co-ordinators have written. Apologies re our fluctuating numbers that attended but our school has a very transient population – so it was impossible to predict from out earlier booking. [This was our first Alpha show and] quite a few children opted not to attend but after feedback from other children I’m sure attendance will be at 100% next year!” – Lynda Gilbert (Music Co-ordinator), Rye Primary School

“Excellent performance. Chn loved the music, costumes were very good. Clearly good/evil for this age group to decipher. Fabulous songs etc, chn could relate to. Very professional, they encouraged the chn to have fun throughout whole performance. Enjoyed every minute of performance. The production was appropriate to age range. It kept all chn entranced for whole time. Teachers enjoyed performance as well. Excellent adaptation of story – lots of issues to follow up in c’room – good/bad, bullying etc.” – Gayle McLean (Junior School Co-ordinator, Rye Primary School

“Absolutely fantastic. Kids were “hanging” on every word. Character voices were brilliant! Bright, accurate, colourful, captivatin [sets, lights, costumes, sound etc]. The was the story was modernised + made relevant to the kids was great! Interaction with staff and kids was spot on. Brilliant satisfaction for all year levels. The fact that chn from prep through to Grade 6 got the same amount of enjoyment is what I liked best. The humour used was appropriate for Primary School chn. The show was pacey and thoroughly enjoyed by all that attended.” – Martin Watkins (Senior School Co-ordinator)

“Clear speech, costumes, movement, audience involvement, humour, use of modern music, fun, voices in tune!” – John Donovan, Concord Special School

“Chn quickly built a rapport with many characters. Visually very stimulating. Chn loved top 40 songs being used in script. Excellent. I loved the way chn were asked to be involved in the play.” – Kirsten Coulter, Concord Special School

“The actors all entertained us. Excellent – great music. I enjoyed it all, so did the children!” – Catrina Studdert, St Mary’s Grimshaw St Greensborough

“They were very good. Excellent scenery, costumes. Actors could be heard easily. Very good, the story was imaginative and easy for the chn to follow. I enjoyed the actors ability to involve the chn in the production ie. audience responses. The chn clearly enjoy this aspect as well. It was a very child friendly performance”. Gabrielle Flanagan, St Mary’s Greensborough

“Clear and well acted, very good, interacted and engaged audience very well, ten out of 10. All was well done. What I liked best was watching the children, especially the younger students!” – Tilly Stoove, St Mary’s Greensborough

“Energetic, fantastic. Extremely relevant to what was happening [sets, costumes etc]. Funfilled and worthwhile. Excellent and extremely friendly performers and tour manager. This was one of the best productions suitable for primary schools I have seen. The actors performances were outstanding and all children were engaged throughout. Excellent value for money.” – Belinda Duffy, Goonawarra Primary School

“Great voices and actors looked like they were enjoying themselves as well. Backdrops were well done and easily changed. Story was relevant to children and kept them engaged throughout. One of the best productions I have seen in quite a while. Vitality/Energy, One Liners, Relevant songs children could relate to. Quite humorous!” – Goonawarra Primary School

“Energetic, funfilled. Great to have known songs students could join in. Excellent, very professional. All students were engaged even our “pesky” big boys! Probably the best live show I have seen in a school. I really loved it, because it was topical, something for all ages. Fantastic value for money.” – Helen Blogg, Goonawarra Primary School

“Excellent in all [feedback] boxes. Great for the adults too. Crowd control and participation really good. Jester fantastic but so were you all! Villain was a villain! Boo!” – Darren Gibbons, Clairvaux Catholic Primary School

“Excellent standard of performance from each actor. Costumes, sound, lighting etc very good. Sets were very good – obviously the more elaborate you go the more expensive the show would be for students. Outstanding! Great humour, audience participation and adaptation. It is a pleasure to have such a talented and professional group as yourselves at OPS. Greatly enjoyed by all 5 year olds to 50+ year olds!!! Alpha Theatrical Productions are excellent productions – great humour, very good music, singing and appropriate dancing. The costumes worked well. You engage the audience within just a few minutes and they remain with you until the end. Well done.” – Lyn Wallis, Osborne Primary School

“Just brilliant, kept all ages enthralled. Variation on original Hunchback story, which I have read my grade. Suits all ages Prep to 12 and adults. Had a positive message to give to children! Great. Interest maintained throughout 1.5 hours (including the opportunity for a stretch and wiggle).” – Helen Peters, Osborne Primary School

“Vibrant, active, strong characterisation. Sets simple and effective, sound easy to hear. Throw away lines for children and adults to all enjoy. The cast were approachable, great to see you in our staffroom. Good length, child centered. Colourful, active and happening. Child could use use past performances to help them look forward to this and many more shows.” – Gary Ould, Osborne Primary School

“Excellent. One of the best shows we’ve had here. The children really enjoyed it. The music, the humour, the costumes, the actors’ singing talent, the audience involvement, the modern adaptation of the story…all excellent”. – Debbie Coffey, Osborne Primary School

“My grade 4 class commented on the sets, sound effects and costumes – they loved the costumes! The chn at this level do take notice of the story and the adaptions that can be made. The chn love performing and it gave them ideas for their own performances and plays. I loved the singing and the inclusion of appropriate modern songs that the chn respond to so spontaneously.” – Trish Hunter, Osborne Primary School

“Very enthusiastic and excellent portrayal of characters. Well suited to a variety of age groups. Kept children and teachers alike enthralled and entertained. Improvements? Extend the period that the different shows run! Overall experience and musical and comical relation to everyday life and teaching chn morals and bringing fairytales to life!” – Patricia Amerena, Coburg West Primary School


“I was thrilled when I saw this group of performers do their magic for the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Their performance stunned the audience keeping them entertained and amused throughout the show. They had costumes that you could die for and sets with beautiful painting that made the show much more interesting. The quality of the skills and talent could make you want to be an actor some day. My favourite part was when the actors opened their mouths and let out their voices to sing. They also made the story amazingly good so I would have to rate it a 10 out of 10 because of all the skills and audience participation.” – Cassandra Rogers, 5/6 SK, Killara Primary School


“The Hunchback of Notre Dame was a great kid’s show. Lots of the young ones loved the characters and how they acted with the parents who came along would have gotten most or all of the jokes. Costumes were fantastic, while they had a lot I mean a lot of detail. The sets looked just like they were in the movie. They acted like they wanted to be in the movie. The Alpha team put on another wonderful performance with many songs. Most or all the brilliant music was new age with songs from Guy Sebastian and Shannon Noll. The Alpha team makes the most of their things by themselves. They visit many schools and put many performances on. The performances I have seen are at a very high standard. They put many hours into the performances. Overall they put on a great show and I would rate it a 9 or 10 out of 10.” – Corey Sztama, 5/6 SK, Killara Primary School

“Excellent, convincing acting by each member of the cast. The teachers particularly enjoyed the Jester! Loved the innovative props – glowing chalice, Headless Harry’s talking head etc. Good balance between the tragedy and comedy themes. The children appreciated the cast taking time to sign autographs. The children’s and parent feedback was very positive (parents enjoyed being included in this arts event!). This was our second Alpha production, and both have been excellent. A wonderful opportunity for our P-6 children to experience quality live theatre, without the added costs of bus travel, theatre tickets etc.” – Linley McGlashan, Killara Primary School

“Outstanding! Thank you!! [Regarding the sets,] I was taking notes for the Rock Eisteddfod next year! Beautiful [script] – keep the pantomime alive! The cast were friendly and easy to talk to. The kids need to see the lights, smoke, effects etc. You did everything you possibly could – sent info before the show and activities to do. What did I like best – where do I start? The story, music, sets, costumes, acting! I could go on and on. Thank you for bringing “real” theatre to our students at an amazing price. We can’t wait for your next production.” – Angela Phillips, Woodlands Primary School

“Terrific! The students really loved it – loved being involved. Great opportunity for students to see a live production with lights, props, smoke machine etc. Outstanding!” – Sandra Calabrese, Woodlands Primary School

“Every actor in the production was absolutely fantastic, once again brilliant! Loved the humour and incorporation of the chosen songs. Excellent conduct at all times. Overall it was fantastic, the children were amazed and you captured their full attention. Loved the storyline, humour, songs and the enthusiasm of the entertainers.” – Tracey O’Connor, Woodlands Primary School

“Loved all of it! Great! Always great!” – Jo Blake, Foster Primary School

“The actors were fantastic, great humour…overall fantastic involvement for kids” – Kay, Mirboo North Primary School

“Sensational, sound was loud – excellent. Costumes were superb, very bright and appealing for children. Narrator explained story well. Very professional, started on time, well done. Great music that the chn enjoyed at start of performance. Chn interaction was great, audience participation encouraged, kept chn interested whole time. Great to have some ‘cartoon characters’ (crocodile) for the younger children. Terrific to give chn a ‘stretch’ to climb the bell tower!” – Michele Donnelly, Wodonga West Primary School

“Dynamic performance, captivated the children’s attention. Colourful sets and costumes, performers easily heard. Very suitable for children of this age group. Children showed empathy with characters – their levels of involvement are indicative of their enjoyment and their understanding. Great music, sound, costumes, sets. Really appealed to the audience. Probably the only “live theatre” performance of this standard that many of these children have seen or will ever see!” – Toni Parkinson, Wodonga West Primary School

“Professional, colourful and exciting. Improvements? Reduce volume particularly the children screaming! Excellent children involvement. Fantastic costumes, sets, music and lighting. Very good sound effects. Good understanding about the length of time children were sitting.” – Melissa Watson, Wodonga West Primary School

Response: The idea of Alpha shows is that children are engaged – plus we can hardly control how loud they wish to be! This just means they are enjoying themselves and developing a love for theatre! This is exactly what we aim for.

“Excellent, clear, great movement, great audience involvement. Loved it! The one-liners, songs they know, fabulous. The company was very professional, easy to contact and great to work with. Booking from year to year is a great idea. The contact from the company is very clear. Notes and teacher resources applicable and easy to work with. I would recommend the production to any school or group.” – Gail Andison, Tongala Primary School

“Appropriate for P-6, and staff and adults! A fantastic pantomime performance which fitted perfectly into our performing arts program. Extremely entertaining – the children were totally engaged!” – Pete Tinning, Tongala Primary School

“Very believable [acting] and very humourous. Lighting, excellent, especially the use of the front spot light. Brilliant [script], especially tying values (Kindness etc) into script. Loved the relevance of values, humour related to the children (popular songs and tv shows etc). All kids I spoke to had a wonderful time (hopefully your passion for acting will inspire their performance in our production on Thursday! Thank you :)” – Tara McNaster, Tongala Primary School

“Excellent. Congratulations on another great performance. Your shows cater for all ages – Preps to Grade 6, all get a great deal from your shows. Keep up the great work!” – Sheryl Somerville, Quarry Hill Primary School

“Excellent interaction with student audience. Good use of current songs, very good facial expressions! It kept the students engaged the whole time.” – Chris Wartaarlirl, Gowrie St Primary School

“Very hard to improve on a great show. Engaged the kids – all levels. Used contemporary songs that we all knew. Jokes were for kids and adults. Costumes – superb!!” – Annette Tricarico, Gowrie St Primary School

“Great use of lighting especially to show the Hunchback’s features. Very high quality all around. I like how you got the kids up (to climb the steps). This was good so the kids got to stretch their legs.” – Tracy Loats, Gowrie St Primary School

“First rate, very child friendly, great storyline and good positive messages. Best show I’ve ever seen! FANTASTIC! Thank you very much :-)” – Jenni MacDonald, Gowrie St Primary School

“Great connection with kids, excellent, our kids were spellbound!” – Michael Buckley, Gowrie St Primary School

“Fantastic, full of enthusiasm and great audience participation. Costumes amazing, and everything else terrific. The students could understand everything, great adaption. Fabulous in all ways. The production was excellent. Really loved the costumes and storyline. Like the inclusion of modern day music etc. Will recommend once again, keep up the great work” – Melita Samovosska, Gowrie St Primary School

“FANTASTIC! Great audience involvement, suited all year levels. Great songs, choreography. Company was very approachable when the original time did not suit.” – Glenda Dent, George St Primary School

“Terrific – priest was outstanding in wedding scene. Costumes were stunning, sound clear, lighting set mood well. Script well written, great balance of humour and modern references. Loved the use of modern music, really grabbed the kids.” – Laurel Kinross, Ascot Vale West PS

“Effects very much appreciated by children – glowing chalice kept children talking for hours! Knowledge of children’s behaviour and reactions enhanced the experience. Well organised and professionally done. You have provided the students with quality theatre, for them to use as a model and as a basis for future comparisons. Thank you!” – Elizabeth Lacey, St Mark’s Dingley

“Loved audience participation, current songs, the program notes prior to the performance, and the script which allows all children to follow and “one liners” for the staff. Fantastic, thanks again.” – Jeanette Wilson, St Paul’s School Bentleigh

“Your level of obvious energy and enjoyment for what you do is infectious – our students obviously loved it. Songs chosen were mostly current and relevant to story and students loved singing along. What more can I say but WONDERFULLY entertaining :)” – Derek Scotney, Mount Dandenong PS

“Very professional. The way children were given the chance to move around, sing along and get involved. Their good behaviour reflects your excellent performance and ability to keep them engaged.” – Leanne Lewis, Meadow Heights PS

“Wonderful as usual. Perfect, fantastic script for young and old. Always very professional and a pleasure to watch. Always terrific to have audience participation. Kids loved the well known songs/music as did teachers.” – Melinda Hall, Malvern Central School

“Fantastic props – excellent performers – great choice of story, fits in with the new curriculum, and our schools VIRTUES program.” – Karly Kallinikos, Albert Park PS

“Outstanding. Always very impressed that you guys sing so well too. So multi-talented! Well done! Sound fabulous, sets very effective, kids loved costumes. We had to do a lot of pre-work with Preps because of the fear/ugliness factor – but a very worthwhile exercise! Handled well in performance. We loved the priest (teachers)!! All pre and during communication & organisation very helpful and polite. Sensational, fabulous energy and fun. The kids couldn’t help but be involved! Keep delivering high quality reasonably priced shows to schools! Travelling costs for schools are so high its great that you come to us! Teacher resources terrific. Use of/adaption of modern up to date kid popular music, Anti-bullying theme very topical and values. Some teachers even remembered Benny Hill theme music! Great to have pantomime format for children, super for audience participation of all ages. Good beats evil! So much fun!” – Maree Seymour, Sherbourne PS

“Fantastic acting with lots of humour – the kids were with you all the way! The costumes were beautiful, very clever and lots of detail. Fast paced and full of variety. Great communication before the show and excellent set up, with all sound, lights, sets etc taken care of. So enjoyable, thanks heaps guys! I liked best the contemporary elements brought into the story. Very current with what the kids are thinking and experiencing.” – Anne Wilson, Eltham College

“Audience interaction was excellent! Music and lighting added heaps to the quality of the show. Awesome show! Well done ot one and all.” – Sue Jamgotchian, St Clare’s School

Entertaining. They all took on their roles with enthusiasm. Very amusing. The students and staff enjoyed the show. Their laughter and participation is a credit to you. You deal well with the interruptions (and laptops!). A true professional knows how to incorporate something unexpected into the show. Well done”. – Cathi Priest, Brentwood Park PS

“Great, full of energy and enthusiasm. Fabulous singing. Simple but effective sets, terrific costumes, excellent sound – just right! Very cleverly done, the right mix of traditional tale with a modern touch! Top class, just as much fun and enjoyment for the teachers as for the children. Thoroughly engaging for everyone! Perfect as is, great job! Loved Headless Harry, the suspence and smoke at the end – impeccable timing. Values came across well, but not over done.” – Kristine Crawford, St Agatha’s School

“Really captivated the audience. Loved the humour, great sets and lots of fun. Excellent. Great to hear such wonderful singers and performers. What sensational performances. Thank you so much for this terrific opportunity. Excellent you have included values education.” – Jenny Roth, Derinya PS

“Terrific group. All actors are of a very high quality. Fantastic sets, intricate but easily adjusted. I love the way in which the script is remodelled, especially with interactive parts. 10 out of 10, couldn’t ask for any better. Great show! The interactive nature of the show was terrific. The students became participants in the theatrical experience rather than just an audience.” – John Kennedy, Mount View PS

“Wonderful. Simple and effective when moving sets. Colourful costumes. Good values. Engaging the children, modern songs, wasn’t too young it was at their level.” – Cilla Walker, Rowellyn Park PS

“Costumes in particular superb. Everything fitted well together; good to have modern references. Super experience for the kids – just the real theatre for only $6 per child. Kids loved the modern music and the energy and enthusiasm of the actors. I think I personally felt more emotionally involved in Beauty and the Beast as, though the Panto corniness and conventions were there, there were also more serious moments and quiet times, and I think the kids need that as well as the wonderful madcap moments. Best things – professionalism of acting, great voices, good sound, good music, costumes, creation of ‘real theatre’.” – Jeanette Gillespie, Camberwell South PS

“Excellent. Absolutely professional. Keyed in to audience. Fantastic”. – Julie Self, Mossfiel PS

“Fantastic! Dialogue was easy to hear and costumes were fantastic. Kids were kept interested the whole time, extra characters added lots of fun. The pace of the show was great, there were no slow moments. The audience participation was great fun. The theme of kindness and acceptance was excellent.” – Tanya Brown, Wilmot Road PS

“The actors were very professional. They were amazingly talented and versatile. The costumes were fabulous. The lighting helped to create the atmosphere of a theatre. The children were able to understand the story due to the explanations from the jester. The information that Ben sent clearly outlined the values/beliefs of the company and outline his expectations for our school. I thought it was wonderful and will be recommending the show to other schools. Very talented actors. The sets were cleverly designed. Some children found the concert a little loud but they were fine once we moved them to the back of the room. We are all looking forward to you visiting our school next year!” – Tamara Dunne, St Aloysius Ballarat

“So convincing that many preps cried at Mayor Devile! Great! The children were engaged from the very beginning. You created the atmosphere where the children knew what to do and loved doing it.” – Catherine Barnett, Black Hill PS

“Very professional! Was suitable for all ages, including teachers. 11 out of 10! We laughed til we cried.” – Samantha Prollius, Horsham 298 PS

“Outstanding. First class. Loved the contemporary music/songs. The most popular visitors we have. Couldn’t expect (or wish) for more. Loved the jester, priest and gypsy.” – Wayne Jackson, Horsham West-Haven PS

“Characters were well portrayed. Amazing quality for a travelling setup. Fun – loved the modern songs incorporated. Great support materials. Great pantomime audience participation. High quality acting and singing. Children made positive comments – “We want them to come back!”.” – Anne LeBlanc, Dimboola PS

“Brilliant. Wow, eat your heart our ‘Walt’! Fantastic, great to work with. Outstanding, lots and lots of fun. Loved the humour, music (spot on), quick pace, audience participation superb.” – Linda Ratcliff, Fitzroy North PS

“Fabulous – should be Hollywood stars! I loved the Headless Ghost. Very appropriate script / imaginative and creative. The songs were great too. Just loved it! Another excellent performance / production. I very much like the way that the show is interactive and includes the children throughout. They feel a part of the show at all times. Great singing and acting. Well done and thank you.” – Lena Clark, Eltham PS

“Full of energy and humour. Worked so well with children. The story included so many popular references, physical humour and music to keep all children interested. Packed with action, humour, great storyline, music and larger than life characters – great slapstick! The audience engagement and participation was great. The incorporation of modern songs was terrific. All performers worked well together and made contact with the audience.” – Gaye Carrigan, Haddon PS

“Excellent characterisation, body language / excellent voices. Very relevant story! Well organised and able to adapt to the situation. Great singing and song choice, excellent crowd participation. I really appreciated pre-show notes and used them to prepare students for traditional elements of panto. Will also use for follow up activities with my Drama Class.” – Penny Phillips, The Heights School

“Fantastic! Sets and lighting are perfectly understated. Just enough to enhance but not overpower fantastic performances. Bullying theme was subtle but obvious (if that makes sense). Definitely enables children to enjoy Hunchback as it is not as dark as the original story or the Disney version. Improvements? I would normally say cost but you are worth every cent. Alpha enables children to be exposed to a genre that most have never experienced. Involvement of children is great. Jokes and comments are pitched at their level. Costumes are fantastic. Children loved the choice of songs.” – Sharon Hamilton, Parafield Gardens PS

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Testimonials – The Alpha Show of Beauty and the Beast

“I have been teaching for more than 30 years and this is the best in-school performance I have seen”Kananook Primary School

“I was impressed with their entire package – Support Materials. On the day they were absolutely wonderful to work with. A vibrant group of young people totally dedicated to their art. The relationship with the kids before, during and after the show was splendid. The students were totally captivated from beginning to end. Days later the children are still excited by the experience. They loved the audience participation which created an ‘electric’ atmosphere. The entire performance was fascinating. Children related to each and every character and they simply loved the musical numbers. Preps -> Grade 6 were awestruck. Younger kids loved the fairytale magic and older kids related to the themes and values.

Absolutely amazing. Incredible sets, wonderful lighting, stunning costumes and totally professional actors bringing to the stage a magical, musical journey. Students were thoroughly engaged in the entire performance. It was the total package we loved. Congratulations to the cast – a thoroughly entertaining, professional performance. We loved you all – it was BRILLIANT. Can’t wait till next year! Thannk you so much. Wow – what a spectacular show. We will remember forever!” – Sally Malcolmson, Morwell Park PS

“Outstanding, very theatrical and thoroughly entertaining for entire show. Sets – amazing and very cleverly used. Stunning costumes, lighting and sound. Captured the story and added incredible humour. Splendid, delightful to work with and completely professional. Awesome – the package was complete. The notes and information provided were excellent. Musical choices were fabulous. Truly loved the end – with “Reach”. The show was a truly professional performance. Congratulations to all involved. I was amazed at how well the magic of true theatre was captured. This is simply the best show we have ever had here. It had all the elements – sets, costumes, sound, lighting and audience participation. Great crowd control and the children were captivated from beginning to end. The cast were absolutely delightful and even shared the lunch break outside with the kids.” – Sally Malcolmson, Morwell Park PS

“The performances were all spot on! Excellent – appropriate for all ages. Great idea to include today’s current pop songs…The best touring school production we’ve seen…and we’ve seen a lot! One Year 6 student said it was “The best $6 I’ve ever spent!”…Made one teacher cry during love scene!” – Woodlands Primary School

“Professional…outstanding…Updated music to appeal to kids…Good student involvement…Unlike anything currently available in schools – a valuable and accessible cultural experience for the children” – Seaford Primary School

“Very professional and convincing. Actors’ related very well to the children. All fantastic, felt very ‘real’! (the sets etc). Very relatable to the children. Well done. It kept everyone’s attention. Very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyed by all. We all loved the singing! It was wonderful that the children could sing along to songs they know and love.” – Belinda Ithier, St John Vianney’s

“Funny, well cast, creative, good voices, singing, mime. Realistic, not overdone, classical, dazzling, creative (sets etc>. Singing (3 ticks!), humorous, (slapstick), good theme/message. Friendly, genuine, enthusiastic, lots of energy. Fast moving, lots of energy and warmth, very good changes in atmosphere through sound, script and songs. Great songs (modern ones esp), good theme.” – Chris Horsley, St John Vianney’s

“Nothing, I thought the whole production was fantastic. The energy of the cast!” – Travey Cenedese, Hampton PS

“Most professional show I’ve ever seen in schools. Brilliant, made us feel we were in the ‘top’ theatre and its production. Great to have a familiar story retold as kids know it. Love the pantomime aspect. Costumes, make-up, clear mikes and sound – all so professional which was a rare treat for our children who may never get to see such a show.” – Barbara Clark, Prep teacher, Macclesfield PS

“Values were very clear – carried well. Children interested in costumes – asked many questions. Children enjoyed the modern adaptation. Very friendly cast – answered children’s questions well. Held children and teachers attention all during the performance. Children (and some teachers!) sang along with songs. Children were fascinated by quick costume changes. The children related to modern pop songs. They were amazed that you were ‘allowed’ to combine a traditional tale with today’s music. They also enjoyed audience participation.” – Anne Spengler, Malvern Central School

“Very convincing, fantastic (all staff). Sets etc were just enough for a school production, great quick changes. Lots of fun – professional quality. Very easy to talk to, approachable – much nicer than teachers! Tops – you only had to watch the kids faces – they loved it. Performers, kids involvement, quality of performance, great jokes – great for all ages. Staff enjoyed it too.” – Mariese Galvin, Tyabb PS

“Children totally engrossed. Wonderful performance. Very professional and effective. Well written and appropriate for the ages of the children (K-10). Excellent. Very thorough and professional. Most impressive. Just keep on doing what you do. It was great! Just fantastic. Kinder kids, parents, teachers, mums and primary kids “loved it”!” – Marion Johnson, Mahogany Rise PS

“Excellent, animation/voices etc. Love it! An excellent standard, enjoyed it as much as last year’s production (Hunchback). Love the cast! No fuss, punctual etc. Held all ages full attention! ENGROSSING.” – Rye PS

“Enthusiastic, effective, pumped etc. V.Good adaptation – great inclusion of the songs – we had a lot of discussion in music about how and where the songs would fit in. Friendly, no hassles and laid-back approach much appreciated. I would readily recommend the production within the local network and beyond. Provides a theatre genre that these students don’t often get the chance to experience.” – Charles Schumann, Kismet Park PS

“Each and every one was outstanding, lively, engaging and so professional. I have not seen sets like it at school – the backdrops, changing sets, lighting and sound were A+! The children were engrossed (and the adults for that matter). Kids knew the story and were part of the show. Had total control of the show and engaged the kids in all aspects of the show. Lovely people. “A1″ – wouldn’t get a show like this for school kids anywhere. Can’t believe that its a show on on in Melbourne theatres. Credit to you all. The interaction the kids had. “One of the best I’ve seen”. “Loved the characters”, “songs were fantastic and known by the audience”. The lighting, effects and costumes – superb. A lovely bunch of friendly people, all very polite and accommodating. Congratulations to you all!” – Sharon DiMaria, Morwell Park PS

“Held everyone’s interest through the whole show. Oustanding, thoroughly enjoyed by all. Music before the show kept kids interested. Inclusion of pop songs and references to pop culture were clever and a great idea.” – Julia Cullen, Heyfield PS

“Children were captivated, well done, a very professional performance. We are lucky to have experienced the show.” – Liz Ward, St Thomas

“Excellent diction and very very professional. Well geared to P-6. Professional and relaxed people, well suited to roles. The ease of packing up was great, – production excellent.” – Paula Pyle, Caulfield Junior College

“Excellent! Bravo! You can’t improve on perfection! The male voices, the great songs. The actors! Engagement with the children (and teachers!). The fun and the MESSAGE – great fodder for discussion of Values and Feelings.” – Nina Hanna, Caulfield Junior College

“Very believable. Gaston certainly aint my beau of choice! Well adapted. Made the most of the time available. Loved it. Couldn’t fault it. All my students loved it, one said the kids were too loud but apart from that it was fabulous for all. I was really impressed with the way the children were engaged from the very beginning, starting with music at the beginning. Loved the way you gave the kids the chance to vent and still kept them under control.” – Robyn Procel, Caulfield Junior College

“GREAT SHOW. Disney could not have done it better. Extremely professional. No faults. 11 out of 10! Fantastic sound, excellent interaction with the audience. Geared for children and their adult companions. Great messages on the value of reading, friendship, personal relationships etc.” – Ade Kashushehe, Caulfield Junior College

“Brilliantly done. Great understanding of Panto. Bloody Fantastic! Can’t think of anything you could do to improve it. You’re on a winner.” – Nick Adeney, Caulfield Junior College

“It was just fantastic. I loved the way you involved all of the students. You really had their attention. Bright, colourful, its all good. A lot of humour, raised a lot of excitement. Magical, the changes of the setting were very quick. We just loved it as a whole school. Keep up the good work – inspiring! So cool! Thank you so much!” – Fadime, Ilim Islamic College

“Great! Can’t fault it. Fantastic show, professionally presented, good script (loved the humour), appropriate involvement of children. Well done! We really enjoyed it.” – Jane Schneider, Good Shepherd Lutheran School

“Very professional, related well to the audience, the Beast costume was fantastic. Children loved the music and being involved in the performance. Cost was reasonable for high quality performance. Have already recommended it to friends at other schools. Actors obviously enjoyed performance. Catered for all age groups. Kept childrens attention for the entire performance. One of the best shows we have had at our school.” – Langwarrin Park Primary School

“Professional, excellent. Students loved the performance. Year 6 students spoke enthusiastically following the performance.” – Langwarrin Park Primary School

“Absolutely fantastic – very talented. Brilliant, fantastic modern feel. Without a doubt the best production company available. An incredibly high level of professionalism and entertainment. Value for money! Good looking actors! Loved every minute of it.” – Narissa, Langwarrin Park Primary School

“10/10 – excellent in all areas. The best incursion I have seen. Just turn up the speakers a little! Actors were hilarious, up to date with latest music incorporating modern with traditional tale.” – Sarah Bailey, Langwarrin Park Primary School

“For pure entertainment it would be hard to beat. Inspiration for D.Doings – my students were inspired!. Entertaining and involved – regardless of age (5’s were having as much fun as the Preps!). Emphasis on moral of story (my students analysed it for h’work). EXCELLENT!” – M. Langton, Langwarrin Park Primary School

“Excellent. Continue to encourage greater variety and depth in questioning by children. Music which audience related to, enthusiasm and enjoyment displayed by actors.” – Langwarrin Park Primary School

“I was totally impressed by the performance of all the actors. Great exaggeration as is meant for pantomime. Kids and teachers loved the smoke and flashes of light. Loved use of current music/songs which really encouraged audience participation. Kids loved meeting actors in the yard and getting autographs. I ensured by Year 6 children that it would be fantastic and was not disappointed.” – Langwarrin Park Primary School

“I loved the professionlism of the whole production and the way it engaged ALL the children (Prep – 6) for 90 minutes” – Langwarrin Park Primary School

On a par with any city show. Much better than the standard of other ‘school’ shows. Loved the references to idol and x-factor etc. First class production. A thoroughly professional production that enthralled students from Prep to Grade 6. Great value for money.” – Langwarrin Park Primary School

“Brilliant skill/voices/love Belle’s singing voice esp. Spot on for age group. One of the very best I’ve ever seen. Loved the acting, singing, sets, script, the lot. Excellent!” – Travor Best, Corryong P-12 College

“Excellent! We rarely have the opportunity to see work of this calibre. Loved the way you modernized the language/dance etc. Great personality came through from all actors. Can’t think of a thing to improve. Jokes, music, attention to detail and concepts of genre all of great quality. Fantastic intro! I can see why you get such rave reviews – absolutely deserved in all areas.” – Meredith Davies, Kiewa Valley PS

“Excellent. The actors looked like they were really enjoying what they did. The set portrayed the different scenes well. Extremely suitable for the audience. A very professional show. I really enjoyed it as it was. Kids joined in well and you managed the noise really well. Once the children ‘calmed’ down it was nice to have the microphones turned down. Costumes were great, lighting and sound seemed really professional. Audience involvement was great.” – Julie Butler, Tallangatta PS

“Actors were very versatile. Very professional. Quality was great. Use of modern songs / music great. Easy to follow storyline.” – Fiona Flanagan, Wodonga PS

“Brilliant. Very high quality. Modern, yet maintained ‘classic’. Lively, interactive, children were very involved. Stand up and stretch was excellent.” – Karen Walters, Tawin Valley PS

“Extremely engaging. Pefect for a school setting. Appealed to children as well as adults. Very professional. Going by the response of the children and teachers absolutely excellent – one of the best we’ve seen. Valuable messages to take away and discuss with students. Inclusion of topical references also appreciated by everyone.” – Gary Smith / Bev May, Sandringham PS

“Very professional and versatile, good singing voices! And pitched at children’s level. Brilliant props – easily changed and you didn’t keep kids waiting. Jokes pitched for the children, current names recognisable, etc. Very professional and well orchestrated. One of the best we’ve seen at our school, and I have been here 17 years!” – Mary Hull, Healesville PS

“Excellent! Very enjoyable for all year levels. A great way of ending a long term. Keep going with what you’re doing, it’s great! Lively actors, relevant story with jokes and songs that children could relate to. Great costumes! Good sound system! No problem hearing everything.” – Rosie House, Healesville PS

“Excellent, really involved and excited the children in the story. Wonderful. The kids loved it! So did the teachers. It’s been years since I’ve seen a great quality panto. Professional and completely over the top energy and humour.” – Brighton Grammar Junior School

How many adjectives can I use – BRILLIANT! Professional – our staff were most impressed [with the sets]…children were engaged – knew the story. From the first phone call to the end – slick and professional. 20 out of 10, the best we’ve ever had! :-) Improvements? You’re fine! You have the focus to increase the number of titles of shows – keep going! What did I like best? The professionalism, talent, passion and dedication.” – Oatlands Primary School

“Absolutely sensational! Fantastic! Great! Terrific! Best we’ve ever had! The children were so engaged throughout the entire performance” – Oatlands Primary School

“All just oustanding. Excellent, professional! Modernised the story by using current songs/music without losing the main theme. Terrific. Answered questions asked [by students] enthusiastically. Have no hesitation recommending the show/company to others. Vibrant, energetic and a new company that provides value for money. Well done!” – Oatlands Primary School

“Awesome – the characters came to life. All children were able to see and hear clearly, even those up the back. A fantastic adaptation of a popular story. The sets and costumes were amazing. The cast did a fabulous job. It was one of the best performances I’ve seen for children. Improvements? Allow children some time (10mins) at the end to ask questions or make comments (oops it was because we ran out of time! :) The enthusiasm of the cast, the involvement of the children and the upbeat songs and music – the performers did a sensational job” – Oatlands Primary School

“Oustanding – related to the wide age range very well. Just enough [sets, costumes, sound, lighting] to create the atmosphere. The songs were just right. Very professional (P.R. is fantastic). What did I like best? Started on time, built in movement for the children, recent songs related to children’s experiences, and the story had right amount of of humour and pathos” – Oatlands Primary School

“The quality was fantastic…Fun 4 Kids found both the crew and performers very easy to work with and are keen to have them back in 2005…A terrific addition to our event…Fun 4 Kids Festival was thrilled to host Beauty and the Beast at this years event. Our aim is to put smiles on little faces and we are happy to announce that every little face that saw this show left with a broad grin. A job well done” – Anne-Marie Quinlan, Fun4Kids Festival

“A very polished performance. Loved the costumes – especially Mrs Potts! The kids loved the interaction. Very professional. Love the broad range of songs – something for everyone. It was great! It was a great thing to organise because it was so easy. Every step of the process was simple and clear.” – Nerida Modica, Footscray West Primary School

“Very professional in stage art. Very good use of popular music. A worthwhile experience. My Grade 5/6 kids loved the show!” – David, Footscray West Primary School

“Acting and singing were both great. Visually stimulating – clever! Adaptation and inclusion of modern music excellent. The kids really enjoyed it – they were able to be vocal and participate but the actors ability to keep them under control made the performance a pleasure to watch.” – Cristy Laskey, Footscray West Primary School

“They were loud, vibrant and exciting and captivated the children! When the children walked in and saw the props, it really set the mood. The children loved it because it was similar to the original but was different in some aspects so the children didn’t get bored. Best production I’ve seen in my teaching career. I hope St Mark’s gets to see the Hunchback next year! It’s difficult to specify what I liked the best because it was just so BRILLIANT. Everything about it was AMAZING and had the children (and teachers) talking about it for days.” – Tennille Adams, St Mark’s School, Dingley

“Fantastic – beautiful singing and gorgeous looking actors. Sound and lighting were captivating and the costumes and sets looked fantastic! Clever inclusion of contemporary music (and “Kath and Kim”!) The children adored Belle (especially in the golden dress) because she was ‘so kind’ and ‘beautiful’. Appealed to all ages. Very energetic and entertaining.” – Simon Puleo, St Mark’s Primary School Dingley

“Excellent in every way! Sound is great – costumes good – sets well designed. Very well done. Music used was great! Professional, helpful, friendly. 10 out of 10. Just as good as any production I’ve seen for children ANYWHERE – the best actually. No improvement needed for us! Performers seem to have great fun with everything – children’s needs and interests are recognised – music is great – colourful and funny and clever.” – Ann Cooper, St Paul’s Bentleigh

“Excellent characterisation and voices/singing and songs + mood – captured attention of all. Creative and fresh. Outstanding in all areas. Entertaining and humourous, fantastic songs/lyrics, changes of pace for all ages. Professional. Quality of performance; costumes, originality of adaptation and music – all outstanding. Audience participation effective and ‘adult’ lines were great for staff. Good to see a more updated gender characterisation of the stereotype with focus on interpersonal skills and qualities – positive links to healthy relationships. Humour, lyrics and selection of songs was clever and appropriate, Story adaptation excellent and role of narrator good idea. Finale excellent!” – Judy, Laburnum Primary School

“Very engaging actors – got children involved. Simple effective sets and costumes excellent. Sound – very clear. Children loved slapstick humour and involvement. Storyline flowed well and songs appropriate and fun. Excellent performance all round – 10 out of 10! A great first experience with Alpha [Theatrical] Productions. Some excellent singing and songs. Children always engaged and enjoyed humour.” – Laburnum Primary School

“Excellent characterisation. Sets worked very well. Very good adaptation of the story. Well organised and easy to work with [cast]. An excellent production. Audience participation worked very well and the characterisation was fantastic. Mrs Potts was great!” – Laburnum Primary School

“Loved how your obvious passion came through [the performance]. All effective – especially the lights! [Ed: This school had a fantastic blackout!] Story fitted logically, very professional. Entertaining; never a lapse in entertainment.” – Derek Scotney, Mount Dandenong Primary School

“Great mix of voices, dancing and acting. Very versatile and visually interesting [sets etc]. Excellent. The essential storyline was maintained. Terrific group of people who mix easily with staff. Great concept. Top performance. Very professional. 10 out of 10. Very interactive. Pitched at the right level. Terrific.” – John Kennedy, Mount View Primary School

“Just the right touch. Excellent – appeals to all levels. Awesome. Outrageously talented and engaging! Interaction with students (and teachers) was great. Humourous treatment. Great, non-threatening springboard for discussion.” – Lauris Doyle, Wilmot Road Primary School

“All the actors were animated and this gained the children’s attention. The story line, interspersed with the familiar tunes was very appealing. The actors worked the audience extremely well. Fantastic – enthusiastic and infectious. I felt it was a wonderful performance – it was poignant, humourous, melodramatic – totally engaging! I can’t think of any improvements. The children all appeared to enjoy the entire performance. Great audience participation, involving the children to comment throughout the performance. I thought the subtle humour was effective too. I liked the utilisation of familiar songs/music to help carry the story – again another great way to involve the audience as the children easily identified and then sang along with the cast.” – Susan Olley, Wilmot Road Primary School

“Great – connected well with the children. Liked how it incorporated modern music. Had the children (and teachers) very engaged. Targeted at the right audience. I think it was spot on. The kids loved it. Very good that it involved audience participation. Had a great amount of humour. Hope we get you back again!” – Sarah Greenwood, Wilmot Road Primary School

“High quality performers who motivated and engaged the students. Excellent – although our hall does not lend itself to theatre performances the atmosphere was still created. Very suitable for Primary School students – engaged all students from Prep to 6. Outstanding value. Often rural schools have the added expense of travel and venue hire – it is fantastic to have such a professional show visit our school and inspire our students. Perhaps, at an extra cost, offering some workshops for the students after or before the show. Is there a possibility of an evening show for the Haddon Community – incorporating the kinder/playgroup etc? I loved the integration of modern songs and dance moves into a classic fairytale. All of the performers put 100% effort into providing the high quality show for our students – their enthusiasm was relayed onto our children. Brilliant Production!!” – Gaye Carrigan, Haddon Primary School

“Excellent, we loved it! We loved all of it. We hope you come again! [this was done with my 2A class]” – Bernadette Ackland, Haddon Primary School

“Full of energy and enthusiasm – very engaging. Great singing! Clear and easily recognisable – created good mood. Terrific use of pop-culture through the story. Very entertaining. The performers encouraged wonderful participation. The performers kept a steady pace and kept us all interested with humour and clever references – lots of fun!” – Louise Rogerson, Haddon Primary School

“Very active performers – thanks. The children loved it – and so did the adults. Good sound to ensure everyone could hear. The children really enjoyed being aprt of the action. It certainly held their attention. Congratulations on a great production.” – Julie Miller, Black Hill Primary School

“WOW! I don’t think there was one child from Prep – 6 who was not totally enthralled. The energy of the actors was great! Sound equipment was great. Set was wonderful and costumes were fantastic. The children and the teachers really enjoyed the modern influences – ie. the music. The teachers enjoyed “look at me” etc etc. Professional, engaging, child-centered but not at the expense of ‘theatre’. A great panto – children thoroughly enjoyed the interaction. A great pace too! Excellent!!! Wonderful to see pure ‘panto’, the children and the teachers loved it. Great colour and movement.” – Claire Owen, Black Hill Primary School

“Related well to the children. Audience involvement terrific! Visually very exciting. The music was brilliant. Great script, songs and music. Appropriate for children. Everything seemed to be smooth sailing. A most enjoyable performance, the children loved it!” – Liz Zelencich, St Aloysius

“Brilliant – absolutely fantastic. 10 out of 10! The teapot character was brilliant – great personality plus the candlestick – very well done! Belle was brilliant with the fabulous performance of the Beast. Well worth seeing.” – Bev Baster, St Aloysius

10 out of 10 – Real actors – not like the sooks we usually get! Wicked! (some of the spunks could have been a bit more wicked!)” – Horsham West Primary School

“I enjoyed the overall production very much. The students were all fully engaged in the show and they all had positive comments afterwards. Including the children in the show was great. The music/songs were all songs the children knew (and the teachers!). Very enjoyable!” – Horsham West Primary School

“[The actors] played their parts exceptionally well. **Great song choices. Facial expressions and voice tones were great. BRILLIANT – I felt I was in the world of “Beauty and the Beast”. Captivated the children’s attention right from the start. Terrific. It was lovely that the cast came and had a chat with the staff in the staff room. OUTSTANDING – the children as well as the staff loved the show. We all totally felt a “part” of the show. Loved the audience participation, scenery, humour, songs, colour, sound, story, lighting. EVERYTHING” – Trish Noonan, Horsham West Primary School

“Gaston was great! – terrific timing! Something for all ages present. Appreciated friendly, flexible attitude. All the children were so totally engrossed.” – Heather Hobbs, St Martin of Tours Primary School

“They were aware of the children and were able to capture their attention. It was of great quality – the costumes and sets were really eye-catching. The children could relate well to it. The use of modern/pop songs made the adaptation more interesting. They were very professional. A very interesting and interactive production. The children thoroughly enjoyed the production. 10 out of 10. The before/after worksheets and background notes were extremely useful. The use of current music was a great experience for the children as ti kept them attentive and invovled.” – St Martin of Tours Primary School

“Well done! Each character was brought to life by the actor! Very artistic and extremely well-presented. I loved the scene changes. Very entertaining. The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance especially participating in the play. Great choice of music and clever script!” – Gabriella Leone, St Martin of Tours Primary School

“Talented. Very colourful. Children also enjoyed the songs, they were current. All the children were involved, loved having the children stretch mid way.” – Michael Cowden, Karingal Heights Primary School

“Excellent – worked the audience well and encouraged a high level of participation. Adapted well for young children and they could appreciate the links to things they knew. Teachers enjoyed whatever humour went over the kids head. A wonderful experience for those children to see a professional pantomime. It was very appropriate and the children and teachers loved it. Sorry no ideas [for improvements] – already too good. Maybe stretch the legs a little longer when cleaning the castle ie. “Clean the ceiling, clean the floor, clean the window, clean the door”. Extremely helpful in booking arrangements and pricing.” – Leanne Lewis, Meadow Heights Primary School

“Very impressed with the quality of the performances. Well worth the money and organisation. The overall enthusiasm and children involvement in the show, the up to date (kids-centric) music and jokes were great.” – Jane Parkin, Meadow Heights Primary School

“The actors were fantastic – great improvising with the kids!! Very effective – great for use in the small amount of space available. Lots of fun – great for the range of ages – 6 y olds to teachers. Relate very well to the students – great to work with. Excellent – really worthwhile – students absolutely loved it! Characters were fabulous – interaction with students was great.” – Erin Monohan, Meadow Heights Primary School

“Excellent – good diction etc. Engaging for all the children. Fantastic – an excellent production to engage all the children Prep – 6. 10 out of 10. Well done to the performers – not easy in our hot hall! Children loved joining in with the songs, great movement for children, costumes, story etc was all wonderful. Thank you, we (adults and children) enjoyed the pantomime immensely” – Maryann Wilkie, Sherbourne Primary School

“Sensational, considering how hot the hall was you did an amazing job. Great songs the the children knew.” – Ruth van der Westhuysen, Sherbourne Primary School

“Excellent – loved the faces and antics. The children were engrossed. It kept their interest. The children loved being involved. Improvements…bring us a theatre???? I loved the way the songs were placed in the play and songs the kids could relate to – modern. You coped so well with the heat – the performance was so lively considering you must have ben exhausted. Great to get kids to get up in the middle – they needed it. I enjoyed it as much as the kids.” – Beth Turner, Sherbourne Primary School

“Super! Had them captivated. I particularly enjoyed the singing and the dancing – so did the children. Well done on a most enjoyable performance.” – Lena Clarke, Eltham Primary School

“Excellent – loved Mrs Potts! Kept the children enthralled. Up to date songs. Highly entertaining – even for the adults. 9 and 7/8 out of 10!” – Eltham Primary School

“Fantastic performances and amusing. Our hall wasn’t dark enough – our fault! Great adaptation. A fantastic performance, students were totally engaged.” – Paul Clohesy, Patterson Lakes Primary School

“Thought they were all fantastic. Loved the music! It really made the show. Fantastic! We missed question time afterwards and speaking to the actors. Loved it all! Was great how children were involved and encouraged to be loud. Kept my prep children entertained and focussed the whole time so well done and thank you! Can’t wait for next year!” – Lisa Whyte, Patterson Lakes Primary School

“What fantastic voices! I’m in love with the beast! Kept the kids attention. They were very animated and enthusiastic. Loved most – audience participation, modern songs, not too long.” – Pam Macaulay, Patterson Lakes Primary School

[The following are from our third visit to Woodlands, the second for Beauty and the Beast, for the junior school this time]

“Absolutely superb! Fantastic. Perfect for these children. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen – well done! 10+ out of 10.” – Moira Hill, Woodlands Primary School

“Very funny and witty comments throughout. It was sensational, the children loved it.” – K Heib, Woodlands Primary School

“Fantastic, it was easy for the children to understand and kept them captivated the whole time.” – Woodlands Primary School

“Great, the kids related well to all characters. Appropriate humour. Adaptability. Kids enjoyment obvious connection with the actors. Loved the energy and enjoyment of actors.” – Julie Baldwin, Sorrento Primary School

“Had all the children involved Prep – 6. Great ideas and simple – children could copy the ideas [of the set/costumes etc] in a fashion. Fun and great choice of songs. Excellent. Multi-talented actors and singers. Colourful costumes, sets, talent etc. Great to watch the children’s reaction to the characters. Keep going with the stories children would know. The poo + bum jokes were winners! The songs were fabulous – children could relate to them. Jokes were aimed perfectly. Excellent to have the singing performed live. The grade sixers appreciated it so you must be good.” – A. Sorbara, Sorrento Primary School

“Some lovely singing. Lots of really good comedy business! Solid performances all round. Lots of pace. Well done. Loved the dog! Very good. Unfortunately the venue was too light to se the lighting effects. Script is great! Just the right amount of humour – aimed directly at this age! Even the older children were entranced. They were sitting there with their mouths open! Loved the show. Would like to see another sometime soon! Our first experience with Alpha (hello!). The acting was genuine and spirited. The script was really good too. Loved the fart + poo jokes (just right for kids)!! Well done!” – Sorrento Primary School

“I thought the performance was professional, 10 out of 10. The sets covered the stage area thus adding to the effect – ie. no gaps. Most enjoyable, very professional, courteous and friendly. Not knowing what to expect I found the children 100% engrossed from the second we walked in. Participation adds to the total experience.” – Cathi Priest, Brentwood Park Primary School

“I liked the fog. Costumes excellent. Very engaging, hooked the kids from the beginning with the music going and quality of set.” – Brentwood Park Primary School

“Enthusiastic, inclusive of audience and vibrant! Bright especially with the lighting. Fantastic, fun. Very friendly and organised [performers], especially with the setting up. I heard that you offer family nights – great idea! Organised, fun and well performed! Congratulations – great Christmas present!” – Anastasia, Brentwood Park Primary School

“Mrs Potts excellent. Young children loved it when dog came off stage. Costumes excellent. Had majority of children in awe / involved throughout. Great to have question time at end.” – Elaine Robertson, Anderson’s Creek Primary School

“Actors were excellent, singing voices were impressive. Sound particularly was excelletn. Toilet humour at beginning was good idea. I liked the voice of the main male character. Interspersing popular songs was an excellent idea. Getting childrent to stand within the performance was excellent.” – Anderson’s Creek Primary School

“Fantastic, clear speech, great personalities. Costumes were bright – loved the teapot! Fantastic as it was appropriate for the grades watching the show. It can be used at all primary levels. Teacher’s enjoyed the show as well!” – Anderson’s Creek Primary School

“Great energy, easy to hear, understand etc. Brilliant. Wish room had been dark (our fault). Excellent, especially costumes. UP TO DATE, KEPT KIDS INTEREST. Terrific esp when for Prep-6 – worked well. Terrific music and sound, lively, colourful. Everything was great. Maybe briefly include couple of students in a quick costume [Ed: Have thought about this, seen it done very badly with the various book shows that go around to schools, the kids seem to feel embarrassed and stupid. They prefer to yell out to help the story along. Sleeping Beauty will get a volunteer to be in ‘charge’ of a task, I believe this will work better]. Very happy with whole experience.” – Stephanie Langman, Somerville Rise Primary School

“The acting was excellent. Fantastic. The children and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and would like to see it again. No improvements are necessary. Costumes, clever use of songs and music, backdrops and sets, action scenes, story, it appealed to all ages, an excellent show.” – Jan Roach, Somerville Rise Primary School

“Performance was fully of energy. Sound excellent, costumes colourful, scenery colourful. Entertaining, very friendly performances – great role models! Look forward to seeing another performance, 10 out of 10. Improvements – More props, this was students suggestion [Ed: Beauty and the Beast, yes, doesn’t have many props. Some of our other shows have more. There isn’t really a need, you’ll just have to use your imagination!]. Wider sets (not black sides [Ed: Yes, we know! Originally we weren’t sure of the ‘size’ of school halls so Beauty and the Beast’s set isn’t too wide, some venues are quite narrow so it’s hard to keep the set versatile. Hunchback and Sleeping Beauty are both wider, Sleeping Beauty significantly so – plus also being versatile to be narrow if necessary]. Loved the inclusion of modern songs.” – Debbie Lindsay, Somerville Rise Primary School

“Excellent, great singers. Suited the venue and age of kids (good adult humour too!). It was fantastic, the kids loved it and so did I! Congratulations on a great show. You are on track Ben with what kids like. Would love to try an evening family night show with supper etc. We would also organise a day one + invite other schools. Perhaps P-4 in day, 5/6 kids and families at night? We would look after you all and find accommodation etc if that helps you et here.” – Jenny Goldsmith, Donald Primary School

“Clear, and easy to hear words/songs. *Belle sand beautifully. Bright colourful – perhaps the smoke distracted little ones. But it was effective. Laughed so much! Children joined in. Excellent. Children enjoyed asking questions. Costumes and set of very high standard. Loved the involvement of children.” – Lynne Tottenham, Donald Primary School

“Very professional, suited pantomime style today. Tops – fast paced, kept up interest with humour and inclusion of popular songs. The tour manager and cast members created a hassle free and friendly contact. Real theatrical feel for children to experience. Alpha could pre-book hall, one possibly with seating for all. First time with Alpha – was not expecting such a high quality performance; should look at larger venues with larger audience. Energy level is amazing!” – Grahamvale Primary School

“Great. The actors were energetic and got us involved. The sets/costumes make such a difference. They were great. The story line was very clear and the show captured so many emotions. We loved it. They were professional and very clear in what they wanted which is good (eg. about the space, lights etc). Excellent. The modern songs incorporated in the show were a great idea. They blended into the show appropriately and the children were engaged the WHOLE TIME. It was a tad loud but aside from that – keep doing what you do!! Thank you for putting on a top show. Our school was very lucky to have you perform to us. Our children haven’t been exposed to this style of performing. It was a great opportunity for them and we want you back. The sets and costumes were wonderful. The sound quality was fantastic. Well done.” – Rosa Licuria, Findon Primary School

“You must be good to keep our kids so engaged and involved for the whole show. Great – you kept the traditional theme but infused it with contemporary/topical music and humour. Wonderful – it was great for our children. This type of live performance is new for our kids and it opened up a new field of entertainment. Just keep doing what you’re doing – you do it so well. You used our space well, you related to our audience and you amused our teachers. Can’t wait till next year!” – Findon Primary School

“Fantastic. Loved it! Very visual, colourful and fun! Great to incorporate modern songs – student’s related well. Very interactive, student’s were engaged and that’s the most important thing. It was a tad loud! Maybe it’s my old ears! I loved the humour the most – well done. Love to see you back!” – Findon Primary School

“Wonderful, great sets and costumes. Very professional. A great experience of live theatre for our students. Congratulations! This has been one of the best performances to visit our school. Well done!” – Findon Primary School

“I think they were excellent, very appropriate [sets and costumes] for a “travelling” show. I thought that it was great to get the children involved. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the production – well done!” – Findon Primary School

“They related very positively with an audience of various ages. As a teacher of senior primary students, it was very pleasing – they enjoyed it! I was very pleased that you gave the children an opportunity to interact afterwards. My class were thoroughly delighted and enjoyed the performance immensely. The pantomime style allowed for high levels of audience participation – which the children loved. The musical selection was also great – tunes the students knew well or could quickly learn from others.” – Findon Primary School

“Great performance…The kids loved it. All was a great performance the actors spoke clearly and great performance all round” – Findon Primary School

“A fantastic job! Fantastic. I loved it. I loved how clear the story line was Well Done.” – Findon Primary School

“Very active and involved, looked like they were enjoying it as much as us! Excellent – very funny, very sad, has us all enthralled. Professional and friendly…thoroughly enjoyable. So engaging for all age groups – that the children were encouraged to be active participants” – Findon Primary School

“Children related well to characters. On part with any production in a theatre. Best production we’ve had at Findon. Children were very engaged and enjoyed being involved in the pantomime” – Findon Primary School

“Fantastic, very engaging. Our children rarely have the opportunity to see productions like this – thanks for making this possible” – Findon Primary School

“I thoroughly enjoyed the production. I loved that the way the performers enjoyed their roles – it really showed through” – Findon Primary School

“It was great to see the audience participating in the pantomime; it showed their enjoyment. The sets, costumes and sound effects added to the whole show. Thanks again.” – Oscar Visagie, Glen Waverley South Primary School

“Excellent energy, interaction, projection, enthusiasm. Nine characters rotating – always an interest on stage. Friendly and enthusiastic. All teachers thoroughly enjoyed and wanted it next year. Children were enthralled. What I liked best was that there were so many characters…the smoke machine was nice, sets beautiful, energy was tops!” – Lloyd Poole, Kingsley Park Primary School

“Lively, colourful and full of enthusiasm. Clever story, great…overall fabulous!” – Barb Hall-Duggan, Ballarat YMCA Vacation Care

“Great pantomime portraits. Good variation, kids loved it. Good to mix with students and staff. We all loved it – come again!” – Aldercourt Primary School

“Excellent. Very good, the kids thought they were great [the sets]. A fantastic show. All of my Prep/1/2 children loved it and raved about it!” – Aldercourt Primary School

“You don’t need to do anything, the show is great! We loved the whole performance very very much!” – Malvern Valley Primary School

“Very interactive performance, the sets were bright and engaging. Well adapted (teachers enjoyed the bits added for them also). Excellent – the children enjoyed meeting characters after performance. The children all really enjoyed watching and participating in the performance. I think the children really appreciated being involved in the performance and liked the difference’s from the traditional story that were included very much” – St Peter’s Lutheran School

“The children all loved the performances of all the cast. Costumes were great, children loved Belle’s gold dress. The lighting wasn’t as good because of [the lack of] curtains. There was something in the script for all ages even the adults. Some of the children wanted to watch it again it was so good. Liked the parts ‘added’. The children liked songs that they knew. It made it easier for them to be involved. The actors made the children want to be involved” – Kialla West Primary School

Response: The parts you found to be ‘added’ do seem that way – but the script is written from the ground up with teachers, adults, children – everyone! – in mind, to entertain all!

“Actors were well cast – very polished. Excellent. Story line well covered. Delightful, a pleasure to work with! What did I like best? The current music and the involvement of the audience” – Heathcote Primary School

“Very entertaining, excellent! Very professional and enjoyable – the kids loved it! Professional performance and well presented” – Heathcote Primary School

“Great energy – excellent. Modern songs, were excellent. Very professional. Held children’s attention right through. The children’s involvement was good, costumes were great” – Dimboola Pimpinio Primary School

“The acting was fantastic. It was wonderful to see modern songs and jokes in the production. The kids had a ball. It integrated modern concepts with a classic tale and was very well done. It was good how in the romantic parts the colourful characters come into play. Song choice and characters of Scooter and Jiggins were excellent.” – Brighton Primary School

“Very energetic and really captivated the kids. Very effective and amazing some of the quick set changes. Great how modern songs that the kids enjoy could be written in. The cast and tour manager were friendly, open to comment and efficient with set up etc. Kids and teachers came away buzzing which is a sure sign of the effect it has on the audience. Seeing the kids complete captivation and invovlement in the pantomime was what I liked best.” – Brighton Primary School

“Very talented actors and singers. Very appropriate – current music/pop. Very entertaining, not too scary, children had a ball – were very involved. Encouraged audience participation, ‘modern’ twist making it very appropriate for children of all age groups. Great for both children and teachers!” – Glen Waverley South Primary School

“Oustanding! Great to see all these aspects of theatre presented well…really suited to age range of children…Again, outstanding entertainment and perfect opportunity for children to experience full theatre performance at an affordable price. Children’s involvement said it all: they were totally captivated and enthralled. Teachers agreed that your show was fantastic and we look forward in anticipation of another great show in the future!” – Beverley Hills Primary School

“Great colour, effects and excellent sound. Lots of action, participation for young children. Very professional and co-operative. Excellent in every way. I have received feedback from class teachers who all thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciated the children’s total involvement. I will recommend the company for 2005!” – Greenhills Primary School

“Excellent…Very appropriate for age level (current ideas great eg. Kath & Kim ‘look at me’ and the “Australian Idol” stuff)…Great audience participation, the understanding of audience was great eg. stretches in middle etc. Polished performance” – Greenhills Primary School

“Costumes outstanding! Perhaps 2 smaller groups for the show. Fabulous – enjoyed the adult humour. Great getting kids up to stretch in the middle and making it part of the show…Familiar songs were enjoyed by the kids” – Doncaster Gardens Primary School

“Very professional and impressive…This is the first time we have engaged Alpha Theatrical Productions and the response from staff, parents and children was one of extreme captivation” – Burbank Primary School

Brilliant…the best live drama show we’ve had here…teacher’s resource notes very helpful for setting the tone…the friendly, child-orientated nature of the script and the warmth of the actors – well done!” – Osborne Primary School

“Great, you kept the audience involved and they loved it…It was great for children and adults…The story was very true to the original…This was fantastic, the entire production was very entertaining and professional. Well done once again!” – Coburg West Primary School

“Fantastic…Great choice of music…this company really aims at high standards and engages a young audience right throughout the entire performance; a production that doesn’t hold back on sets, theatrical effects, costumes and a fantastic full cast that demonstrates depth of talent” – Presbyterian Ladies College

“Characterisations were excellent, even when taken into “panto” mode. Excellent sets and costumes for a show that can set up in a hall in an hour…kids and teachers were enthralled!” – Westgrove Primary School

“Actors were great – really got into the spirit of it & involved the kids…great script and excellent student involvement…exceeded my expectations. Loved the modern songs and whole show. Will definitely recommend it again in 2004…Sensational production. My grade 4/5 thoroughly enjoyed the performance and especially enjoyed the humour and music choice (They were a bit grossed out by the kissing, but I’m sure they’ll get over it soon! :) Fantastic – well done!” – Westgrove Primary School

“Excellent casting – we were impressed with the wonderful talent of these six performers…[the performers and tour manager were] very easy to work with – I appreciated the courtesy & helpfulness during early phone contacts, and the approachable, accommodating attitude of the performers themselves…
The pantomime was a wonderful live theatre experience for all levels of our primary school
the children loved the fantastic costumes, sets, lighting and sound, the brilliant acting from the cast, and a great adaptation of the Beauty and the Beast story… The sheet of suggested lead up/follow up activities was appreciated, especially for classroom use… The group were extremely approachable and fun – they were happy to chat with the children, give autographs, explain the production and their respective roles. For the majority of our students, this was their first experience of pantomime, or any sort of live theatre – what a wonderful introduction!” – Killara Primary School

Our head teacher said it was the best she’d ever seen!” – The Peninsula School

“The actors were extremely believable…the children followed the story easily due to a “child friendly” script…this is the best performance to have visited Clairvaux! The professionalism was exceptional…the children were engaged for the whole performance!” – Clairvaux Catholic School

“Faboulous rapport with students…we were thrilled with it!” – Concord Special School

“Fantastic, held children’s attention, great participation…outstanding adaptation…the cast were easy to get along with – highly organised…storyline/songs were familiar to the kids so they could join in…humour/costumes terrific!” – Tongala Primary School

“Quality was exceptional, take me to a live show (and the children!) any day. Blown away. It was loud, clear, colourful, exciting, vibrant, stimulating, and the involving of children and teachers made it stand out!” – Guthrie Street Primary School

“The children were enthralled…we loved the modern/popular songs throughout…all students, from all schools, thoroughly enjoyed the show (so did the staff!). Suited all children aged 4 to 12…we loved it! Thank you!” – Avoca Primary School

“The students were enthralled. The actors established rapport quickly. Our gym was transformed, and the scene was set immediately. We didn’t expect such depth in the story, the students were delighted to see the storyline aligned with the film/picture book version. Some great lines delighted the staff! The cast were very professional – the early arrival and attention to detail was extraordinary. This was a wonderful experience for our students. The lighting, scenery, singing, dialogue and costumes provided endless, excited discussion and stimulated some very descriptive writing. You made everything so easy and fuss-free. It was great to deal with Ben when ever we needed to clarify details. Information was provided quickly and efficiently and we appreciated your understanding of our attendance difficulties. The quality of your performance was certainly not reflected by the cost – tremendous value for our children! Thank you for a wonderful performance!” – Mossgiel Park Primary School

“Very good…excellent sets…you kept the real storyline in your adaptation – it is difficult to please Grade 6 kids…Loved the slapstick” – Oakleigh South Primary School

“Excellent adaption to the story…the production was excellent” – Kananook Primary School

“I liked the costumes the best, they were spot on with the ones the kids are familiar with” – Kananook Primary School

“I liked the way they engaged the audience as if they depended on their opinion” – Kananook Primary School

“I loved the way modern music was incorporated into the story, because the kids can really get into it” – Kananook Primary School

The cast gave answers and hugs to the kids, the kids loved them!” – Kananook Primary School

“Very professional…acting was brilliant” – Kananook Primary School

“Audience participation: control of this was exceptional by cast members…music/sound brilliant to keep all interested” – Kananook Primary School

“High quality – all characters very convincing” – Kananook Primary School

“Highly entertaining and engaging…the children were surprised at the time (that had passed) when we returned to the class!” – Kananook Primary School

“I enjoyed everything…all of the children in my class had several favourite parts!” – Kananook Primary School

“The children were totally engrossed…costumes especially were excellent” – Kananook Primary School

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