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Alpha Shows Youtube Playlist

This is on our main video page too, but just in case you missed it, it’s always good to keep it in the blog.

Below is a YouTube Playlist with all the Alpha Videos. Just click on the bottom bar where it says ‘Playlist’ to scroll through all the videos.

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VIDEO – Trailers and teasers!

Here’s a link to the full 20 minute trailer of the shows! Make sure you click that you ‘like’ Alpha Shows whilst you’re over at facebook!

Here’s the full 20 minute trailer on facebook:

Alpha Shows Trailer (20 minutes)

Here’s a 12 minute version on Youtube:

Alpha Shows Trailer (12 minutes)

Here’s a quick 2 minute teaser!

Alpha Shows – Teaser (2 minutes)

Beauty and the Beast Teaser & Trailer:

Alpha Shows – Beauty and the Beast – Short Teaser

Alpha Shows – Beauty and the Beast Trailer

Aladdin Teaser & Trailer

Alpha Shows – Aladdin Short Teaser

Alpha Shows – Aladdin Trailer

These youtube videos are private (unlisted) so you can only find them from these links directly! Feel free to share around however.

Here is the 20 minute video embedded in this blogpost:

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VIDEO – Katja & Ben – Martial Arts for Stage & Screen

This was our Chinese Staff and Kung Fu fight we did for our final exam (along with Rapier & Dagger and Duelling swords) for the Intermediate Stage Combat Certificate we did in January 2010.

We videoed the staff & kung fu one and edited it together. Took us about half a day to shoot and edit.

More just a concept video of what is possible in an hour of shooting; ideas we’ll probably use for future projects for both Alpha Shows and other creations we have in mind.

This is not violent in any way! It’s just fun, it’s all fake, to practice our stage combat to make our stories as dramatic as possible, and to show the skill required to put together a sequence like this.

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