Alpha Shows Pty Ltd is a Child Safe organisation.

We have specific policies in place to protect children from harm, which is a core part of our philosophy and practices. We share responsibility for the safety of children at all levels, at the leadership level and by junior staff. Cast members on site at schools or other venues with children present are not permitted to be alone with students or children at any time, and supervision must occur by an on-site member of staff (for example, a teacher or parent).

Our existence as a company, and ongoing culture as a whole, is driven by a passion for the empowerment and protection of children. Any issues that arise in our relationship with customers or the children in their care is encouraged to be discussed openly, and any concerns will be dealt with promptly and professionally. Hiring practices emphasise both talent and psychological health, in order for appropriate casting of actors that support these goals for Child Safety.

Our Company Manager has a valid Working With Children Check (WWCC) and is the supervisor of other junior staff (who do not generally have a valid WWCC card). It is not the intention of the Child Safe Standards set by the Department of Human Services to require additional requirements for obtaining a WWCC and thus our ongoing policies continue to ensure that our staff do not directly work with any children and the requirement for an on-site member of staff to be in attendance at any time children are in the same vicinity as our staff.

Any situation where a child is feeling unsafe or at risk they are encouraged by our staff in all communications to seek help and to report the incident/s to someone they trust. Indeed, the messages of our shows encourage children to be truthful and have courage to speak out for things they know to be wrong.

If you have a question about our Child Safe Policies, please email or call 03 9999 6060. Alternatively, you can also contact


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