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Mahogany Rise Primary!

Mahogany Rise Primary!

photo 150x150 Mahogany Rise Primary!  on tour  Mahogany Rise Primary!Hey Guys!

We did a rocking show today at Mahogany Rise  Primary, which is possibly the COOLEST name for a primary school EVER!
(It kinda sounds like a name for a Band of Superheroes, or just a really cool band!)
I took a bunch of photos backstage during the show so you can see what it all looks like and some cool behind the scenes action. The name of the Hall we did the show in was “W.D Jackman Hall” who was the Principal of the school back in the day, for those of you who have already seen the show, you know how cool this is icon wink Mahogany Rise Primary!  on tour  Mahogany Rise Primary!

Anyways, ill try and put up a a bunch of photos from various schools we visit along the way, so keep checking back, you never know, you might just see yours!
Until next time,
You Rock!!
Dave =D

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