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  • If you are a school who has never had a show before, to take away the risk in booking us – if the show is not the best theatrical incursion you’ve had at your school, we will refund the cost of your show. All money must be returned to parents and students.

Show details
Cinderella sweeping in the kitchen
23 Feb 2015 00000053100Friday 8 May 2015

Touring to: Adelaide
Deposit to book: $300

Hercules faces the decision of what type of hero he will be
18 May 2015 00000073100Saturday 4 Jul 2015

Touring to: Tasmania
Deposit to book: $300

Various scenes from Alpha's Beauty and the Beast
13 Jul 2015 00000093000Friday 25 Sep 2015

Touring to: Brisbane
Deposit to book: $300

Jasmine and Aladdin on the Magic Carpet
28 Sep 2015 000000103100Friday 30 Oct 2015

Touring to: Sydney
Deposit to book: $300

A story of courage and overcoming fear
2 Nov 2015 000000123100Friday 18 Dec 2015

Touring to: Northern NSW
Deposit to book: $300