Here are the Alpha Ads we made back in 2010. They are purely for FUN! If you know about them (search on youtube if you want to see them) they are a parody of the Apple Ads, where they have Mac vs PC.

So very tongue-in-cheek and naughty. That’s kinda what we’re like at Alpha, that kind of humour, so we had fun making these! Yes, they poke fun at our competition but in no way are we trying to say that other theatre for kids is all rubbish or bad or should not be supported just as much as Alpha. But, honestly, Alpha has been supported by the arts community and funding bodies much less (zero, actually) than all the other theatre companies for young people, so we have to have our own way of supporting ourselves! This was part of the brainstorming session to do just that.

We want everyone to go and support lots of theatre, kids theatre, adult theatre etc. But we do want to at least take the time to say the differences in our shows and why people like them. Every point made in the ads are something we have had FEEDBACK from our clients that they appreciate in our shows. So the points made aren’t some delusional journey down an insane companies unravelling.

We hope you enjoy them and see them in the light they are intended!

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