The highest quality live entertainment experiences for your children.

More fun

Because our @Home events utilise the scripts and actors from our @School and @Theatre productions, you are getting a higher quality of show for your children! We’ve refined our scripts over years of testing and can easily guarantee the most entertaining and engaging performance for your party or other event, keeping the children laughing and excited the whole way through. There is a palpable level of polish and professionalism to an Alpha Shows @ Home event. Which means you’ll be thanked for a more successful event overall – more laughs and more fun!

More Impact

All our @Home events coincide with the production that is currently on tour, so our huge truck will arrive at the venue you’ve organised, the same truck that tours to schools and theatres for a massive musical rock concert! Our team will set up the same impactful show that theatres and schools get! You’re getting a massive show with world class production values, but in the local venue that you choose for your home event.

Where does Alpha put the show on for me?

Anywhere you like! We call it Alpha Shows @ Home because we’ve priced them so that anybody who lives ‘in a home’ can afford them for their big event! That might be your birthday party, or you might be putting on a small charity event or festival (although these prices are not for larger festivals, theatres or schools as there is an upper limit on the number of children).

Whilst many houses may not have the space for the show, it’s certainly possible that you can put us almost anywhere to put on a show for you! It only has to be indoors, have an 8m x 8m cleared space (with min 3m height clearance), have good access for our truck (6m or closer) and enough space for your audience as well.

You can even elect, for no extra charge, to travel to our venue in Langwarrin, VIC (near Frankston or Dandenong) and host your event on site at our HQ. We can fit about 100 in our venue.

A little learning along the way

Because all of our productions have the intent to not only entertain children at the highest level, but also to use the stories to instil positive values, understandings about ourselves and our emotions, and a few life lessons, you’ll always get a surprising bonus to the event. Children can not only have the most fun ever by experiencing an @Home show, but also leave the party with just a little ‘lift’ beyond the almost inevitable sugar high.



+ GST / 90 mins

Maximum 100 children

Must be show currently touring

  • 6 performers
  • Full show
  • Highly interactive performance

@Home MAX


+ GST / 90 mins

Maximum 200 children

Must be show currently touring

  • 6 performers
  • Highly interactive & engaging
  • Full Show

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