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9 Dec 2011

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Alpha Shows Company Base @ WhiteChapel Receptions


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The cast of this year’s Alpha Show of Beauty and the Beast wish to invite you – yes YOU! – to a very special never ever created event. This is strictly for adults only! Our shows have occasionally been hosted by groups of adults only (most notably the community of Donald, a town in central Victoria) and we change the show and the script which results in a lot of improv and craziness from the actors much to the delight of the audience.

We will be hosting a similar event in this style for the first time ourselves, at our company base. The location map is included here. But for those freaking out about the distance, the other day we travelled from the city, on Collins street, and the Tomtom said 44 minutes until arrival time. So 44 minutes of travel time is hardly a big deal, especially when the reward is a fun night of theatre and hilarity!

This will be a ‘nothing is taboo’ show, so again – do not bring children! You may be accustomed to our shows being suitable for all ages but especially young people. This won’t be the case here! We are putting a rating of “M 15+” on this show.

We will have some tables set up, so get here early – before 6pm – to claim one of the few tables we’ll have set up. Bring your own food and drinks if you prefer, or we might have some available for purchase also as the estate is licensed for alcohol. Yes, you are permitted to drink before and during the show. And this means you can be crazy and call out and express yourself as much as you like! As a result, the show may go much longer than it’s usual 90 minutes, so we may be in for a long night!

If you are thinking of buying alcohol whilst there you will need ID. Given 15-17 year old’s are permitted, this will be necessary. If you look very young and might be under 15, we may not let you in unless you are with parents. But please, parents, don’t blame us as the show will very much be M rated, unlike our usual G rating.

Note that this is offered as an opportunity for you to express yourself as you desire. As a children’s theatre company Alpha Shows the company does not condone or promote unhealthy living including drinking alcohol. But we understand that people may desire to do so for this special event and are therefore leaving the option there for people if they do want to.

Smoking however, is a health hazard that affects others so we do request that the estate remain smoke-free. If you wish to smoke please use the carpark out the front.

And the best part is, we are offering this show by donation – so gold coins or more. Whatever you feel the event was worth for you, please pay. The show is a full theatrical production, the quality of which would be similar to any theatre show you may see around town, which are often charged at $30 or $40 or more per ticket. As mentioned, this show will be BY DONATION so please donate to the cast as they will receive the money for their efforts, as well as 10% to the company.

Please register for this event below so we know how many people are planning on coming.

Thank you and we hope to see you there for what is going to be a very memorable night, on 11.11.11!

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