Here are the sides for male parts in Alpha Shows.

Male Roles

Hans / Bac: Principal / Character
Hans- Prince of the Kingdom, works for the Snow Queen to suppress the powers of the One True Queen, but ultimately sees the light. Kinda like the Prince in ‘Enchanted’
Bac – A reindeer, friend to Christian. Kinda like the Gumps Head in Return to Oz. Comedy sidekick to Christian.

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Kai / Duke / Christian: Principal Boy/Character/Comedy roles.
Kai – A simple elderly peasant, father to Elsa & Anna, fought the Snow Queen years ago. Bit of an emasculated man, sweet nonetheless. He regrets the errors of his ways in the past, driven by his ego.
Duke – Flamboyant – gender neutral clothing (not as far as a cross dresser but it’s implied). Works for Hans & Snow Queen. Kinda like Ashkar combined with Baldrick, or Frank from Father of the Bride.
Christian – Handsome dude. Big lovable oaf. Not looking for love and does NOT end up with a girl at the end.

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Beast: Principal boy
Must sing, move and act well. Strong vocal technique required. Lots of growling. Wears a beautiful mask that still shows the actors mouth and eyes, to see the emotion of the character. Awesome acting role.

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Timeson / Papa Billy: Character/comedy role. Must sing, act and move well.
Timeson is the pedantic, rushing clock character. Rushing and anal.
Papa Billy is Belle’s bumbling father – must have contrasting accent and physicality
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Luminaire / Jiggins: Character/comedy role. Must move well. Has quite a lot of singing that must sound good. Performs LONG and complicated belief busting and closed eye portion of show, must be able to learn script well and then adapt to audience to help them understand the concept of ‘limiting beliefs’. Quite the challenge – must also balance with comedy.
French candlestick – very upright and big movements.
Jiggins is Gaston’s cool sidekick, very cheeky and hilarious, bit of a cool dude (not like Disney’s Lafou).
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Gaston: Character role. Villain.
Evil without being too scary – very arrogant, big and over the top. Must sing, move and act well. Sings a number of songs.
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Quasimodo: Principal boy
Must sing, move and act well. Physicality important.
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Phoebus / Father Tourangeau: Character / comedy role. Improvisation skills required. Must sing, move and act well. Sings a number of songs, one on his own. Phoebus is a full suit crocodile costume, including head – he’s quite funny. Father is an Irish priest that is also very funny.
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Hugo / Jiacomo: Character role. Narration required in French accent. Diction impeccable.
Must act and move well. Some singing required. Chance for quite a bit of comedy. Does ‘closed eye’ portion of show (long inspirational speech).
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Archdeacon Frollo: Character role. Villain. Must sing, move and act well. Very powerful and nasty, but he’s afraid of his mother. Sings his own song, as well as other songs, but mailnly speak singing / rapping.
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King Bob/Veg Character/Comedy Role. The King, princess Aurora’s father is crazy and full of random ideas and information…however, has a wisdom underneath that is due to an understanding of the importance of letting go of fear and making good choices in harmony with love. Performs ‘closed eye’ portion of show. Veg is one of the funniest characters we have, voice similar to Andy in Little Britain (guy in the wheelchair played by Matt Lucas). Has a lot of comedy with Maleficent, the audience’s favourite. Big physicality and fun and good comic timing.

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Andy/Professor Bumblebore Character/comedy role. Andy is the court jester and has quite a lot of dry witty lines. Chance for comedy and improv. Is the Woodley to the King’s Lano. Sings quite a number of songs, mainly in character but must sound in tune!
The Professor is the narrator to the story. Just be a bit crazy, over the top Dumbledore/Gandalf.

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Jamie Principal, good singing required. Has been sent on a mission by the villain to find the Princess, so deals with a lot of inner turmoil – great story arc. Throughout the course of the story has to make tough choices and is the example of the types of choices we all have available to us (fear or love). Think the Huntsman in the new Snow White movies.

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Prince Charming Principal, good singing required. Bit of attitude at start, grows up & makes sacrifice for love
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Baldrick / Beady Character/comedy role. Baldrick is a little bit camp, but not overly sexual for children’s theatre. He’s hilarious and over the top, very lovable. Beady is a suit character, a mouse, with a cockney accent. He’s very witty and bratty, and will be a favourite with the kids.
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Hercules / Hermes Principal boy, neutral accent.
A challenging role, some serious acting with Hercules, a lot of fun too, as he grows into the hero. Hermes is a great chance to have some comedic moments at the beginning of the show.
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Amphitryon / Zeus / Achelous Character roles. With a bit of comedy too, Zeus has a lot of the philosophical and spiritual content to deliver, as well as the necessary plot requirements. Ability to learn a script very thoroughly. He also has a large sword fight with Hades at the end. Amphitryon is Hercules’ earthly father, can be quite silly and bumbling, must contrast. Achelous is a bull-like suit character that comes on to fight Hercules, so has a long hand-to-hand stage combat sequence.

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Weasel & Philoctetes Comedy/Sidekick roles. Phil is the comedy role that also delivers the hero closed eye speech. He dances and sings a lot and must have great timing and energy and lovability. Weasel is the slimy servant of Hades, bit of an idiot. Mask character with mouth showing. Does a bit of rapping too. A lot of fun.

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Hades Villain. All about the deals! Hades plots and plans and is quite taken with himself, but really just wants to upgrade his place to Olympus.

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Aladdin Principal boy, neutral accent.
Incredibly energetic, fun and a bit mischievous. Pretends to be sure of himself until he gets to Palace where his true fears start to show. Finally understands the law of wishing and transforms Neo from Matrix style
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Ashkar / Sultan Vinegar Sidekick/comedy role. Ashkar, is an American surfy dude – awesome fun and comedy. Sultan is eccentric and loud and funny. Sings a few songs. Also does voiceover for Cave. Need great comic timing, doesn’t need to sing well.

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Genie & Merchant Dice Comedy roles. Genie is the fast talking, hilarious eccentric Genie, also performs the closed eye to teach how to ‘wish’ for things. Merchant Dice is an eccentric merchant who wears, yes, a dice on his head (as a turban!). He tells the story but is quite a character on his own! Sings a number of songs, need to sing well.

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Jafar Villain. Just about as nasty as they come. Slight Arabian accent. Doesn’t take nearly as much delight from the audience as other villains. Very evil but also has to ‘suck up’ at times to the Sultan, so there’s a lot of repressed emotion there.

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Arthur Principal boy, neutral accent.
Must sing, move and act well. Struggles to find his place and eventually finds the equality within and how to create that in the kingdom to become the King he was destined to be.
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Merlin / Murky / Terry the Fish Character & Comedy role. Merlin is the narrator at parts but also the guide to Arthur, performing some stage combat (staff fight) and allowing himself to die to prove immortality exists. Murky is a hilarious goblin, lots of improv and silliness. Terry the Fish is a puppet in one scene, with a cockney accent and has a lot of ridiculousness as well.

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Lancelot / Mordred Character/Villain role. Actually just the one character, but we have Lancelot turn into Mordred through Morgana’s bewitching and lures. Very very complicated and tough role acting-wise, to win an audience over then turn evil and then have to come back from the ‘dark side’ at the end.

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Prince Jack Principal boy, neutral accent.
Must sing, move and act well. Has been put on a pedestal growing up, and must deal with issues of fantasy and fear of women’s anger. Seeks his soulmate, but doesn’t recognise her in Ariel. Arrogant but still warm.
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Geeves / Yabbi Comedy role. Geeves is the Prince’s aide, camp and over the top. Lots of comedy and fun, but also helps the Prince with his issues. Yabbi is Steve Irwin, King Neptune’s sidekick, pretty funny, and doesn’t mind giving the King a bit of lip.

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King Neptune / Ezekiel Character/comedy role. King Neptune should be a BIG character! His presence must be felt. He is ANGRY! Must be able to portray real anger, not demonstrative. Larger actor preferred to pull this off. Ezekiel is Natalia’s slimy eel servant, talks with a slimy accent, maybe european, maybe a lisp. Very funny and witty and over the top.

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