True hero

We’re not talking about having strong muscles or being better than others, rather, creating real, true heroes that can go out into our world and make it better. Learn more


First steps to a hero

Philoctetes, the Satyr hero trainer adapted from Greek mythology (pictured right) takes Hercules and the boys and girls on a journey, showing clearly and having them literally stand tall and experience what it takes to start being a hero – today. Learn more

Touring since 2007

One of our newer shows, Hercules is guaranteed to feel modern, fresh and relevant.


Bolt of energy

More than any other show, this is the one that feels most like a ‘bolt of energy’ as one teacher in Sydney called it. The energy created by having your whole school charged with empowering thoughts about how to be a hero has positive repercussions spreading far into the past, present and future. Learn more

About the Show

Hercules has a great theme, and includes everything that children and grown ups love about our shows! The story deals with the isolation Hercules feels from his extra strength, which helps children gain some compassion and connection with how many young people feel today. It follows Hercules quest to become a hero, and to rejoin his father Zeus in Olympus.

Whilst coming head to head with the nasty Hades, Hercules learns the best lesson – that strength of heart is far more important. A special sequence in the show allows the audience to connect in with their inner hero and is great for helping children to step up into being more confident and certain they can accomplish their life’s purpose. And it’s just a whole lotta fun for the whole family!

It is incredibly popular with all ages, and especially useful at getting the boys pumped and ready to step up, take action and be a true hero in their everyday life, as well as the girls to find their inner beauty and the gifts they have to give to the world. You’ve never seen anything like this, when an entire audience scream “YES” and make the sounds of a true hero, as they anchor in that emotional state for use every day of their lives.


Outcome: To bring an understanding of what it takes to be a true hero in today’s world.


Alpha’s Hercules allows the audience to connect in with their inner hero and is great for helping children (and grown ups!) to step up into being more confident and to be a true hero. A big emphasis in this show is the need for forgiveness, both of yourself and others. It also highlights how the events from our early childhood can lead to similar ‘triggering’ events in later life, highlighting the need to process the emotions blocked from childhood.

Once this is released, you are able to receive love and forgive truly. At that point, you can be a true hero – not someone who beats up all the bad guys, but someone who stands for truth and love and can defeat the bad guys without having to fight. This is the most important lesson Hercules learns at the end of the show – to stand tall and say no to fighting. What we resist persists, and this show very clearly illustrates this fact without being preachy. Download Curriculum Documents

Details for Theatres

  1. Suitable for all audiences, families work well, age 3 upwards to age 16, although due to length and complexity of the plot, you may want to advertise that the show is aimed at age 7 to 16, and works especially well for older boys.
  2. Modular set, from 8 metres wide. 4 scenes, Underworld, Olympus, Thebes and Forest, with Zeus Statue. Fits perfectly on a stage, connects to wings.
  3. Price for 1 show $2000 + GST (max audience 250)
  4. Price for 2 shows $3100 + GST (max audience 400)

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Details for Schools

  1. Modular set, about 8 metres wide. Height clearance of 3 metres for Olympus, can fit into an MPR or Hall.
  2. Suitability: Prep/Grade 1 to Year 6 in Primary Schools, Year 7 to Year 12 in High Schools
  3. Duration: 90 minutes + Question Time / Set up time: 90 minutes
  4. Space needed: 8m x 8m cleared space (MINIMUM)
  5. Power: 3 phase OR 2 power points on separate circuits
  6. Fog Machine: venue must have smoke detectors isolated
  7. Show start: 9:15am or 1:45pm (for 1 show); 9:15am/11:30am (2 shows)
  8. Cast arrive at 7:45am or 12:30pm

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Flat rate Pricing



If you are booking at this rate for only a few grade levels, you are encouraged to get other year levels on board to make up the numbers to at least 120, to save you money per student

  • For audiences less than 120 (max is 120)
  • Price for any school with low student numbers

Conditions of Booking

  1. A specific date and time cannot be guaranteed (even if you have paid a deposit); although we will work with you to find the best time suitable
  2. A booking deposit of $300 applies at time of booking to reserve your date – note this only confirms your date, not other details (like audience size). Alpha does not take bookings without a deposit.
  3. The booking deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances
  4. A cancellation fee of $500 (per show/day) in addition to the booking deposit applies to all cancellations received up to 7 days before show.
  5. PLUS other conditions, click link to read full terms

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