• How could the eel see out of the costume?

    • Hi Brodie,
      There is mesh in the mouth area where all of the suit characters can see from, but the eels mouth is just a lot more concealed than Yabbi and the seahorse so it’s a bit trickier to see!
      Hope you enjoyed the show 🙂

  • How show were you all when you first got on stage?

    • Hi Asha,
      We have all been through our different stages of nerves in performing. It’s very natural, and we’re also very accepting of the fact that it’s a natural part of being a performer. For all of us, we’ve realised in some way or another that we enjoyed other things about performing so we were able to work through our nerves and being shy.
      Practising helps a lot too. We make sure that we rehearse a lot so that we can feel confident about the material that we’re performing 🙂

  • What was the water made from in the Little Mermaid?

    • Hi Mercia,
      We have a few things we use for the water. We have some silk material that we wave around in the storm and then we use our painted sets, and fog and lighting effects to give the storm its full effect!

  • Where did you get the swords from?

    • Hey Jacob!
      We get our swords from the guy who teaches us how to use them. His name is Kyle Rowling and he runs The Action Acting Academy in Sydney. He finds all of the right weapons for us to use, and teaches us how to use them all properly.

  • Where did you train?

    • Hi Archie,
      All of our actors have different amounts of experience. Some of us had done shows and performances with our schools. Some of us studied acting, singing and dancing outside of school as we were growing up. Some of us did stand up comedy. Some of us studied performing at university or at a specific performing arts school after high school.
      So as you can see we’ve all come into Alpha Shows from different paths 😀

  • How long did they practice for before the show?

    • Hi Kade,
      We rehearsed the show for 6 days before we start performing the show at schools! We rehearse for about 8 hours and go through a lot in those 6 days. We have to learn all of the blocking (where we stand on stage), the dance and fight choreography, the set changes, costume changes and also all of the sound and lighting that happens in the show.
      It’s just the 6 actors that do all of it, so it does take a little while to learn it all!

  • How did they make the set and change it so quickly?

    • Hi Havanah,
      The set was made and painted by a man named Phil. There are lots of parts to the set, but it’s basically just painted pieces of wood that we put together. We also have quite a few large paintings on canvas that we velcro on to the set, so when the set was closed there were people putting up different paintings behind it.
      We can do it really quickly now because we practise it in rehearsals and were able to do it quick enough by the time we started doing shows.

  • How did you make the boat in the Little Mermaid?

    • Hi Charlie,
      The boat was made by the person who made and painted all of our set. His name is Phil and he did an awesome job of making the boat, but it’s actually only the bit you can see at the front, on the back of it, it is all open and there is a ledge for the actors to stand on. We did it like that so that we could pack it in to our truck 🙂

  • Is the sea witches hair real?

    • Hi Ollie,
      The sea witch was wearing a wig for the show. I played the sea witch and Nanny Neptune and I kept swapping wigs for my different characters 🙂

  • In aladdin with Jafar an Aladdin with the sold fight has that ever gone very wrong

    • Hi!
      The sword fights are designed to be very safe and we rehearse it every day before the show so it’s very unlikely that someone will get hurt. The swords are also not sharp, but because they’re made with real metal people have still gotten bruises and little cuts here and there but nothing too major. Only once have we had a bad injury where someone got hit in the head accidentally and because the swords are so heavy it did give him a cut and he had to get stitches.
      But Aladdin and Jafar have never had anything bad happen to them in this show.

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  • I really liked the acting that we’re starting our own play

  • Hi my name is Katie and I really want to know if Aladdin is actually dating Jasmine

    • Hi Katie,
      Christien and Kara (Aladdin & Jasmine) aren’t dating in real life. They’re just good friends and they were acting in love for the show

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