A Letter For You – message from Grade 2C Westgrove to Cinder

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      Grade 2C Westgrove

      Hey Alannah, Phillip and Mervin!

      Thankyou for your LOVELY message! Well, to answer your fantastic questions… Ever since I was in primary school I loved performing, singing, dancing and acting. I finished school last year and decided to audition for Alpha’s shows.

      My favourite Disney character is Cinderella, so I guess that is why I wanted to play her. She also gets to do some pretty cool things like sing and dance with the prince which is also fun!

      Hormone and Trombone are pretty mean to Cinderella which she doesn’t like, but she knows it is because they are spoilt so she forgives them, after all they’re family. But I love the actors that play Hormone and Trombone!!!!!!

      Hope you enjoyed the show!!
      love Danni (Cinderella)

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