a letter to Maleficent – message from Kasey to Maleficent

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      Message from Kasey (Age 9) from Quarry Hill Primary – somerville.sheryl.j@edumail.vic.go.au

      Message to: Maleficent

      Dear Maleificient,

      The play was better then the last two plays, and you made made a great villian. I thought it was great how Veg and Mite trickrd you in to saying funny things! Your costume was one of the best and your horns and teeth were cool. You may be evil but you were definately the funniest! The songs were great and I liked the words you put in the song my pryogitive, and your laugh was great. I like that they made you the baddy beacause you were good at it. I hope we see another play soonn your name was,

      from Kasey!

      at Quarry Hill Primary

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