A lil’ story I wrote last year…

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      And then it happened. My heart leapt as soon as I saw him disappear into the mist below and it was my task to retrieve him from the watery depths. I couldn’t just leave him to die; he’d been my friend for as long as I could remember and we had always stood by each other. Not even bullies had threatened our friendship.

      As true as my name was Orianna, I had to save Nicholas from the force of the massive waterfall and it’s tumbling rapids. The river had dragged him under like a person holding back a dog; what was I to do? How was I going to save Nicholas from the force of the raging river?

      Without any further hesitation, I dove 100 feet into the churning pool below. Pain hit me as the icy water engulfed my body. It’s not normal for me to be swimming in winter, so my body went into shock, but my mind soon numbed the pain like anesthetic and I returned to my rescue efforts.

      I felt something soft rub against my leg and I quickly lurched at it, not regarding what it was. As I searched the object, I felt the smooth and silky hairs on his head and found his hands. His eyes were closed, but it didn’t dishearten me, I’d rather have been the one who fell. It was all my fault anyway. I’m the one who suggested the walk along the cliffs overhanging the waterfall. This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for me. If he died I would be the one to blame.

      My arms were telling me to let go; the pain was growing and spreading up to my shoulders, but my mind forced me to continue, forced me to ignore the pain and adrenaline from my situation.

      Finally I felt the sludgy mud between my toes and dragged him onto the bank. I held his hand and waited for him to wake. When he didn’t, I opened his mouth and emptied the mud-contaminated water. His heart was still beating and he was breathing again, but he lay asleep as if he had never fallen in the first place. I felt my nerves calm as he opened his stone-blue eyes and he smiled at me.

      "Am I seeing angels?" he asked.

      "No, you’re still alive; I saved you from the river"

      But he had barely time to say thank you, as the river dragged me into the churning depths. I clawed at the mud but it was no use. The last words I was to hear were from my beloved – screaming my name. To save his life, I had to sacrifice mine and I still remember every second of that calamity. But I have to say, even now, that I would do it all again, just to rescue him; to show my love for him once again.

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