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      She stood in her tower, watching the sunset, and as she had done every night, awaited his arrival. She would always peered down to the path below, where she believed he would come for her. Her stone blue eyes were concentrated, as she wished on the first star. She wished for his arrival to be sool, as she could barely wait any longer. In her mind, she pictured him and herself riding on a cart into the sunset. But as she opened her eyes and peered down, the path was still empty. She had built her hopes up once again. As sh fell into her bed, she heard the noise she awaited. She rushed over to her window and ooked down at the black coach below. She gathered all of her most precious belongings and jumped right into the hay below. She climbed down from that, and entered the most extravagant coach. Red seats inside and her beloved was there, the man from her dreams. Her very own Prince Charming. And, as it was in her dream, they rode into the sunset.

      Another one:

      A long time ago, when the emporers were still in reign, there was a princess of the sky. She was quite brave and frequently went on quests, so when she was given this one, she didn’t pass up the great opportunity. This quest was for the Lightning Scepter, that was hidden away in the Forbidden Forest. This place was dangerous, but to show her responsibility, she had to complete the task herself.

      She was not given shoes as she travelled towards the travelling circle and all she was told was good luck. The circle lowered into the world of quests, and she was quite afraid. She had never been on a quest that started here before, as all her quests usually began in the snow.

      Her feet took their first step onto the hot, needle-sharp rocks. The pain was not felt by her as she began to run. She felt like she was born to run, as she danced across the rocks beneath her, as if she was an eagle soaring against the wind. Her dress became torn after many miles, and her hair was once again wild and untaimed. She felt freer than the wind, but this all stopped as the rocks finished. At the edge of the rocks, there was snow. Now, usually she’d be used to this, but her feet had just crossed miles upon miles of hot rocks. She took one step and it burned. She took another as she continued on with her quest. At least on the way back, she would not have to worry about this snow. As she continued, she noticed the treetops in the distance and her heart leaped with joy. She forced her numb feet to run until she reached the safety of the trees. Her feet regained feeling and as soon as the pins and needles had stopped, she continued on. She was very cautious, as she had been warned about the mischievious tree-witch who had several encounters with other warriors, all of which had mysterious disappeared. As she crept on, she noticed a small tree-hut and tipetoed quietly onwards. As she was about to pass, she heard a cackly kind of voice say, "What are you doing here?"

      She looked around to see a little old lady standing outside the hut.

      "I’m just passing through"

      "Ahhh.. I see, you’re one of those warriors on a quest huh? Well, do you know what I do to trespassers?"

      But before the old lady could finish, the princess fell to the ground. As the princess awoke later, she jolted up, to notice that she has two large wings. Her body was full of static electricity and she looked into a nearby puddle to see that her eyes were bright yellow. She panicked for a few seconds, before remembering that she had a quest. She continued down the forest path before coming to her destination. As she entered the cave, her feet once again felt cold. She walked deeper and deeper into it, until she finally got to where she needed to be. A beam of light was shining directly above where the scepter lay. She had done it. She had completed her quest. She snatched up the scepter and ran out of the cave and out of the forest, towards the stone circle. As she excited the forest, it began to rain and she became her human form again and sprinted to the stone circle. As she reached there and stood directly in the centre, she felt the rain stop, and she once again, became the creature of light. She was lifted into the air and up to her own world once again, but was instantly chased by an angry mob to the excecution square. She was tro be killed, as she was mistaken for a monster. Just as she was about to be killed, it rained and she became her princess self. The villagers were mesmorised as she ran to her parents and held them tight. Together they held the scepter up high and cheered. The whole kingdom was happy that she was safe, for that was all that mattered, even if she is only half human.

      What do you think?

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