Application (fake) – message from Alex Coath to Mayor Devile

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      Message from Alex Coath (Age 11) from Eltham College –

      Message to: Mayor Devile

      Dear Mayor Deville,

      I am writing to apply for the position of Evil Sidekick. I believe that I would be right for the job because I have had past evil experience with wink murderer and I am very addicted to annoying people and playing with explosives on games. I believe that if you choose me you would begin to rule the world with my magnificent advice and crush all that stand in your way. I also love wrecking joyous times. This is all true and I hope that you have fun locking up the bad applicants so I’m too good to waste!

      PS: I am a secret agent working for Quasimodo and my mission is to work for you then kill you sop could you make my job easier and either drop dead or employ me? I desperately need the money! Please…?


      Yours Sincerely

      Alexander Coath

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