Ashley is cool – message from CDPS5E to Beady

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      Hey Sarah and Keely,

      Thanks for writing to me, you guys rock. To answer your questions, today we did Cinderella at another school, and now I am sitting on my laptop replying to you guys’ awesome letters.

      My hobbies are reading, cooking, having fun, playing with my cat Kaylee, playing cricket, juggling and obviously acting!! If I wasn’t beady or Baldrick I think I would like to be the Evil Stepmother because she gets to wear the silly wig and be really evil on stage. I do do other work as an actor, I occasionally host funny trivia nights, appear in short films and on TV, and loads of other crazy stuff!!! Thats the cool thing about being an actor, you get to do lots of things, not just be on TV and stuff.

      Thanks again for your letter, you guys rule, see you next year,



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