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      Hey matt,

      Awesome questions mate!

      I drive (don’t hold your breath!!) a blue Daewoo Leganza, not the WRX mentioned in the show!!

      My favorite hobbies are Cricket, Juggling, Comedy and playing with my cat Kaylee!

      My favorite song at the moment is either "Song for Mattea", "Umbrella" by Rhianna, "Hands Open" by Snow Patrol, or "What I’ve Done" by Linkin Park. But I like most music. I really love "Don’t feel like dancing" that we use in the show, what is your favorite song?

      My favorite show to perform has always been Sleeping Beauty if it isn’t Cinderella. I get to have lots of fun and act silly in SB, so hat is my other favorite!!

      Would love to do Ned Kelly for you, will have to see though, but is really funny!!!

      Thanks for writing,


      (Beady / Baldrick)

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