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      i do sit ups and push ups in my room at night sometimes but other than that bumping the set in and out of venues every day keeps me pretty fit (that is when I’m not off talking to kids and teachers!)

      favourite song is definitely in da club, the 50 cent song i rewrote and perform in hercules – which is also my fave show at the moment, altho i’m definitely falling in love with cinderella again! i love any other dancey music as well, or anything recent.

      ned kelly is on the back burner for the moment as we’re focussed on aladdin for 2008. After that we might do it, as well as a King Arthur story in 2009. It is funny like Ashley said. I dunno, we have to find a market for it, I’ve only had about 4 people interested in the show so far. can’t wait to do it tho.

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