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      Message from Robmatt100 (Age 10) from Carrum Downs Primary School

      Message to: Cinderella Characters

      Dear alpha shows,

      Thankz for the write back and would like to ask a few more questions about the show and about yourself!!!

      1. Ben- do u work out and r u the tallest in ur family?

      2. Ashley- wat type of car u have and wat colour?

      3. Cinders- Did u have make up on cause if u didnt u looked really really kool!!!

      4. Jen- it was kool how u were having a tounge war with me and CJ.

      5. Laura- wat was ur favorite character out of ur 1s (fairy godmother or the step sister)?

      u all dont have to write back but it would be great whoops i forgot 1 more thing wat r ur favorite hobies and wat is ur favorite song and also last question wat is ur favorite show that u do and when u come back to our school would like to c ned kelly that sounds like a good 1

      urs sinseraly matt from 5e cdps and thanks for a great show!!! :roll: :oops: :P :shock: :D :) :( :o :lol: 8)

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