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      Hi 2T,

      Thanks for your message. You were such a great audience, and we all enjoyed perfoming for you.

      I dont have an x-box in real life, although i hope to get one soon :)

      I started singing lessons when i was about 17. I wasnt very good at it for a while, but I wanted to do it so badly that i used to practise all the time, and i became better at it. Thats true of anything in life. If you want to be good at something, all you need to do is practise.

      Im glad you liked my spikey hair. I used to wear a wig in the show, but now i just use my own hair.

      My job is so awesome, and it definately is fun to kiss Cinderella :) We are just friends in real life though. As for my dancing. Im actually not that great at dancing in real life, although the more i do the show, the better i get.

      I hope to see you all again next year !

      Nathan :)

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