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      Dear Cast,

      We thought you guys ROCKED! We liked the show a lot. Your acting is really good. We liked your dance moves especially Beady’s. You were really funny.

      We had a vote in our class to see who was our favourite character in the show.

      Congratulations to BEADY!! You had 10 votes.

      We voted that Cinderella was the best singer in the show.

      We have some questions for you all.

      Toby – We think you are a funny actor. How did you learn your dance moves and how do you keep from getting too hot because you were really sweaty after the show? If you practice singing, one day you will be as good as the others.

      Ben – How come you want to always be evil? We liked how you were doing the voice for the Evil Stepmother. It was funny that you asked Mr K out on a date.

      Laura and Anne-Marie – How did you make the really wide hips under your dresses? They looked really funny when you danced and wiggled your hips and made them jiggle. It was funny when you kissed Prince Charming’s bottom by accident.

      Danielle – Thanks for cleaning our gym floor…it looks nice and shiny now. We really enjoyed your singing and think you are really good at it. How did you get changed so quickly? Velcro is a great thing to use.

      Nathan – Have you really got an x-box? How many years have you been doing singing lessons? We liked your spikey hair. It must be fun getting to play Prince Charming and to kiss pretty girls on stage. Do you dance better than Prince Charming in real life?

      How many schools do you visit in a year?

      Cinderella and The Hunchback have been our favourite shows so far at Westgrove.

      Thank you for coming, we look forward to seeing Hercules next year when we are in Grade 3.

      From 2T

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