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      Just realised I haven’t been here for a while, so I thought you might want to read a roleplay I created:

      The world has been dominated by humans for thousands of years, and wars have begun to break out over which race should be the true leaders. Many of the children have hidden themselves away in bomb shelters to save themselves from this terrible state. The buildings are destroyed and the carcasses of the brave and unlucky are strawn everywhere, but hidden away amongst this rubble are the remenents of magical stones. These stones are the only remaining way to summon the elemental dragons who are most likely the only thing that can stop this catastrophic war. But there is a catch. Only the chosen four will be able to summon the dragon that they have been destined to release. And they haven’t got long, the war may reach them before they reach the stones.


      My Character:

      "Ori! Where are you Ori?"

      "Mother, i’m trapped under this rubble, help to pull me out, I can’t feel my legs!"

      "It’s ok my child, you’ll be safe, i’ll get you out!"

      "Hurry mother!"

      Ori’s mother gripped both of Ori’s tiny hands and pulled her out.

      "Can you move your toes?"

      Ori lifted her torn and fithy dress to reveal her bruised and bloody toes. To her disappointment, she was unable to move them.

      "What about your other leg? You must be able to move it"

      Ori struggled to do so, but she bent her knee.

      "At least that’s not broken. How are we going to get you to to bomb shelter, when your right leg is clearly broken?"

      A tear began to form in the corner of Ori’s eyes. Her green speckled eyes became glazed over and she sat helpless and feeble.

      "Athena!" Ori’s father cried, "Have you found our Ori yet?"

      "Yes my dear Marcolus, she’s here. She’s possibly broken her right leg, but she can move her left leg still."

      "That’s a miracle. The building that crumbled over top of her was hit by a bomb. If only there was a way to stop this pointless war."

      Ori stared up at her mother and father, zoning in and out. She saw either a dream or vision of a glowing green stone. She was approaching it, her long black hair drawn to it like metal to a magnet, then it stopped, everything disappeared and she saw her mother and father before her again.

      "We must hurry and get her down to the bomb shelter before they hit the next tower, otherwise this miracle may be over"

      Ori felt her mothers hands beneath her as she was raised into the air, supported by only her mothers hands. She may be only 9, but her life has taken a turn; for better or for worse.

      Ori’s mother took her to the bomb shelter and lay her down on top of the wheat sacks. Ori could hear and see that the bomb shelter was crowded. Women and children were huddled up together. Many were covered in blood and dirt or badly injured like her. Her mother raised a clay bowl to Ori’s mouth and Ori felt delighted to taste the fresh water and to feel it run down her throat. As her mother and father spoke to another family in the bomb shelter, Ori noticed a few pieces of wood stacked together nearby and found a heap of string. She decided that if she had to move around, she’s going to need some help. She took the two longest pieces and wound string tightly around them. Then she grabbed a small piece and wound string around it to attach it to the other two lengths. She tied on two smaller pieces inside this triangle to give it strength, and tested it out. It didn’t give her a whole load of support, but it was enough to move her around. She lay back down for a while, before realising that there was silence. All the others in the shelter stopped their whispering and Ori’s father Marcolus climbed outside. He looked around at all the rubble strawn everywhere and thought the war may have stopped he walked around for a bit outside, aking in the fresh air while looking out for bombers. Everybody in the bombshelter jumped as they heard a huge explosion outside. Ori’s mother Athena ran outside, as she could predict the sight that she would see. Ori grabbed her wooden support and hopped over to the entrance. She struggled up the stairs and climbed out the entrance. There, as she looked around, she spotted her mother. She lifted herself back up and hopped furiously over to her mother. Her mother was holding Marcolus’s hand.

      "Papa?" asked Ori confused.

      "No sweetheart, he’s gone. The mine was too much for him."

      "Papa!" cried Ori as the tears that had been there formed a river flowing from her green eyes. Now, without the help of her father, Or’s life became more difficult than it had been before. What she wouldn’t have done to turn back time and go back to her peaceful life as a four-year old. Before the war began.

      The bomb shelter was cleared as everybody came up to see why the family had not returned. All gave the two messages of sympathy as they saw Marcolus’s body on the ground. Ori weeped bitterly as the crowd vanished back into the bomb shelter. Athena whispered gently to Ori, "We’ll be okay my darling, we’ll be okay"

      After a while they returned to the bomb shelter and Athena asked Ori, "Whereever did you get that set of crutches from?"

      "I made them from the small pieces of wood in the bomb shelter.It’s the only way I can get around."

      "Marcolus taught you knotting well. He’ll live on inside you, but we must survive this. We will survive this."

      Ori wondered why the sack that she was laying on was hard in one spot.

      While Athena was getting comforted once again, Ori opened the sack with a nearby chip of concrete and pushed her hand down to the spot where the lump was. She grasped onto the solid object and brought it out of the sack. The object was black, but it had a green glow. What was it? and more importantly, why was it in the sack?


      Like it?

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