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      Thanks Catherine!

      Ascot vale – wow that was a while ago. I think that was one of the first shows of that Hunchback tour. Thanks for writing to us. And then you saw it at the church as well, that was our last show!

      Jester says thanks. That was his last time doing that role he’s gonna miss it!

      Quasi – thanks. It’s the same name from the original book.

      Esmerela – thanks.

      Jock – ahhh Jock. He’s a favourite.

      madame – i don’t normally get letters but thanks – I didn’t realise I was so loud!

      Mayor Devile – Thanks for saying I’m one of your favourites. He’s one of my favourites to play too

      Harry – good old Harry. Only has a quick cameo but Mark loves him.

      So we’ll see you at Fed square, yes there are colouring sheets, they’ll be 50 cents each however. The show is free though so that’s nice!

      FED SQUARE Jan 18, 19 and 21. 2 shows per day.


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