Hello from Vinogi at Mossgiel Park

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      Miss Wall! You’re famous. Mark kept talking about Miss Wall.

      Well tell your class that we LOVE your school. I always tell Jenny that Mossgiel Park are one of my favourites, because the teachers are awesome but most importantly because the boys and girls are so into it and willing to play with us and go with me when I take us down the weird and wonderful path of ‘closed eyes about oneness’ and all that rubbish. I really appreciate their help in bringing about some good stuff for the world and for all of us individually. I’d love to hear any interesting stories from the classroom about how your students use the ideas from the shows. I recently heard about a boy at your school from a teacher who is now at Glenhuntly PS, and booked us this year. David? I think he was there a semester in 2007. He said the boy was being bullied and David told him to ‘suck it up’ basically, and the student said "oh yeah like in Hercules when you stand tall and squeeze your fist". I love hearing about that sort of success story, where someone is actually using the skills from the shows in their every day life.

      Thank you for writing to us we really appreciate it.

      Love love love from all of us here at Alpha

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