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      eltham high is different than eltham college right? we go to eltham college. most high schools that are just high schools don’t invite us because they think our shows would only be right for primary school kids. but when we go to…like…a school that is like eltham college where there are P-12, often they’ll have the year 7’s, 8’s, and sometimes even 9’s, and they realise it does work for high schools.

      the thing is, we basically just go wherever people want us. so if a group of students even got together…like from eltham high for example (hint hint)…and organised us to come, we’d of course come! you just have to have a group of people who are all willing to pay about $7 each, and the size of the group has to be at least 150 or so. if you reckon you could organise that then we’d come. OR you’d have to convince your teacher at high school to book us and do the organising. remember that teachers have to have a way to justify having the show at a school, so it has to fit into being a ‘worthwhile’ thing for students, like it has to be good for performing arts or literacy or values education or something…so you always have to talk about that as well (what i mean is you can’t just say hey you should get alpha here at eltham high because they’re cool – you’d have to give a good reason so they get it)…

      or just stay in touch on here and find out when our open to the public shows are, like you could come see us at Darebin Arts Centre in Preston on the 11th April next year, just buy tickets. we’ll definitely come out after the show and see you guys, just let us know if you come and bring a group and we’ll come see you again. or at least I will :)

      join the mailing list by clicking on the mailing list button on the main website page at http://www.alphashows.com.au and that will always announce all the open to the public shows (ie. the shows that are at theatres rather than schools)

      Anyway, this isn’t supposed to be me trying to make people buy shows, i’m just stoked you loved the show and love what we do. There was definitely something special about you group of girls so I hope you don’t lose that and stay like that! thanks for making the day special for us. you’re cool Brianna

      love from ben.

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