Hey Ben! 😀 – message from Brianna13 to Mayor Devile

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      Message from Brianna13 (Age 12) from Research Primary

      Message to: Mayor Devile

      Hey Ben (Mayor Devile), You might not remember me! but im the one in the crowd who was screaming for you and you kept pointing at! Im like in love with you! :) i came to see you after the show at our play time. You gave me one of your bracelet thingies with the website on it and i got you to sign it and say love you and then your signature and a love heart! hahah.. your show absolutely rocked!!!! it was the best ive eva seen in 7 years at R.P.S it was absolutely awesome! i hope you get this email and write back soon :) I LOVE YOU! lol Hope 2 hear back from you soon!

      Love Alwayss!! Brianna xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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