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      I wanted to say that this is very special, thank you for writing this.

      The whole Cinderella being scared coming thru the doors and putting her hand on her heart to feel happy and confident is a new thing we put in the show this year, and I’m so glad you noticed and appreciated and liked that part!

      The emotional flood process is great and as Katja said you can try doing that every night before you go to sleep, or in the morning, to put yourself in a nice, happy and grateful emotional state. It’s just a great habit to have, ask your parents or teachers for help but you can do it already!

      I want to thank Laura Wilson (the Fairy Godmother) and Ashley (Beady and Baldrick), who also directed the show, for their input and generosity to help make the emotional flood process even better than what I wrote, and to make it very accessible to the audience. I hope we can continue to get these sorts of reactions to the ideas. Obviously there must be something about this if a child is remembering their favourite part to be Cinderella coming through the doors. We make a big deal of that part this year, I don’t remember in previous years ever hearing about this part being significant for a child. So well done to all!


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