Hunch Back of Notre Dame – message from Georgia to Quasimodo

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      Message from Georgia (Age 12) from Eltham College –

      Message to: Quasimodo

      Dear Chris,

      How long have you been acting for?

      What other platys have you done and how many have you done?

      I liked your character in the play because you acted very well.

      I understood how you felt when Esmerelda was getting married to Mayor Devile.

      Your role in the play was very inspiring, you never gave up and you were very optimistic. I learnt to believe in myself.

      You are a very good actor and I enjoyed your performance at our school.

      I hope you will come back to our school and do another amazing play.

      I liked your play how it had recent songs ands how the crocodile and Mayor Devile rapped to the song and changed the words around.

      Your paly was very funny, sad and enjoyable so once again, thank you for coming and I hope you can come to our school again.

      Yours sincerely

      Georgia Hodges

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