hunchback of notre dame, 18th March.

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      wow! thank you so much for writing to us!

      we REALLY appreciate it!

      all of what you say is intended, we do want it to be enjoyable for grown ups too. We find that high school students also tend to love the shows and quite often will be screaming and making more noise than primary school students!

      How were the preps in the classroom? Our intention with that is that you can use the show, and the ‘anchors’ we’ve set in order to create a very high quality learning environment, where they are pumped for learning, and you can use the ideas and little tricks we used to keep them that way.

      Any more details on this would be great.

      We’d love to see you at Beauty and the Beast at the Comedy Festival! It’s on until March 30th, every day at Federation Square (Umbrella Revolution) in Melbourne, at 10:30am.

      Come see us we’d love to meet you.


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