hunchback of notre dame, 18th March.

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      How were the preps in the classroom? Our intention with that is that you can use the show, and the ‘anchors’ we’ve set in order to create a very high quality learning environment, where they are pumped for learning, and you can use the ideas and little tricks we used to keep them that way.

      walking back to the classroom, i asked a few of the kids ‘did you like the play?’ and their faces just lit up and said ‘yep!’ we did a little exercise once back in the classroom, talking about the moral of the performance and what it all meant. After that, the kids chose a photo of the play that they liked and wrote a sentence about it.

      The moral of this perfomance was especially appropriate, because the next day was ‘harmony day’ which is all about accepting people for who they are and accepting everyones differences. Remembering what the children had seen the previous day, really tied in nicely with harmony day.

      + i really would’ve loved to come down to fed. square to see another performance, but i don’t think i’d be able to get there. (N)

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