hunchback of notre dame – message from Alyssa Zumbo to Esmer

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      Message from Alyssa Zumbo (Age 12) from eltham college –

      Message to: Esmerelda

      Dear Shireen,

      I think you did a fantastic performance for the Hunchback of Notre dame. I really liked how you performed and sung in the performance. I think you have lots of skills in performing. You also have a beautiful character, and I thought you really related to the character of Esmeralda because you have that lovely nature.

      When I grow up I hope to be a singer and perform just like you do. You have a lot of bravery singing in front of a huge crowd, and I can tell that you really believe in yourself just by performing. I also think the song whatever will be relates to you as well because you will accept anything anyone says to you because you are such a kind person. I learn’t to believe in myself just like you do.


      • It is hard performing in front of lots of people?

      • When did you start performing?

      • Do you enjoy acting and singing?

      • Do you ever wish to be a famous actor/singer?

      • Did you enjoy being that character?

      From Alyssa Zumbo

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