hunchback of notre dame – message from alyssa zumbo to Quasi

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      Quasi never gave up, although he almost did when the Father told him the chalice wouldn’t glow cause it was only a story. He was still kind, caring and very brave though. Looks can be deceiving – a bit like Mayor Devile! He was a lot nicer looking in some respects, compared to Quasi, but he wasn’t nice at all. I see what you mean about Quasi’s song What About Me – because Mayor got it all, and Quasi was left out. I see what you mean.

      Quasi didn’t feel good about left out, but he’d learnt to live with it and still had learnt what was ‘good’ and ‘right’ in the world. He knew it wasn’t right to lock Esmerelda up just for trying to sell some flowers. So even though he was an outcast in the beginning, he stood up for what he knew was ‘right’.

      Because Mayor Devile ‘hated’ him because he was ugly, he had grown up believing that if he was handsome people would like him. Esmerelda was the first person EVER to like him (and kiss him) even though he was ugly (except for his mother of course!)… and that meant that Quasi still had a limiting belief that he had to look a certain way for people to like him. In a way, he was right, as sometimes people don’t see you for who you are in your heart, even normal people today. Mayor Devile was clearly evil but everyone has a tendency to be like that sometimes. So Quasi did prefer being handsome, but fortunately Esmerelda did like him the way he was, no matter how he looked. She was a unique person, someone we can aspire to be like. Quasi’s deformity was part of his growth as a human, and a metaphor in the story for the ‘healing’ that had occured for him as a character.

      Quasi didn’t have any friends no, but as we’ve said, he grew up still being nice to anyone who he talked to etc. When the boys and girls in the audience said they would be his friends – that was awesome!

      Thanks Alyssa. Your email address doesn’t work by the way.

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