hunchback of notre dame – message from alyssa zumbo to Quasi

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      Message from alyssa zumbo (Age 12) from eltham college –

      Message to: Quasimodo

      Dear Quasimodo,

      I understand how you felt during the play, and I really liked the way you never gave up. I think you are a very kind, caring and very brave. I know some people thought that you weren’t really handsome on the outside but looks can be deceiving,

      Because you are a very kind and gentle person in the inside. The song what about me related to you very well because everyone wasn’t concentrating on you they were concentrating more on Mayor Deville and that’s how that song related to you.


      • How did you feel being the odd one out?

      • Do you prefer being handsome or not?

      • How did you feel not having many friends?

      From Alyssa Zumbo

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