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      the phrase laptop guy was just an adlib because the teachers are told NOT to use laptops in the show (you don’t use them if you go see theatre at a proper theatre)…

      WARNING TO ALL TEACHERS! If you use laptops or mark work in a show you WILL GET PICKED ON!


      Thanks for helping me point that out! Cause it’s really rude to do that in a show. So that’s why I had to say something to him (repeatedly). He was even talking to someone during the show. So rude.

      Father Toogo is hilare isn’t he.

      As for the people backstage – they get paid nothing because they don’t exist! Everything you saw today was performed and set up and operated by us 6 actors. We don’t have any backstage crew. We’re clever huh!


      See you guys next time. Hopefully your teacher will book another show for next year. If you’re in year 6, we hope you come see us when we’re playing at a theatre near you (perhaps Plenty Ranges or Darebin Arts Centre)


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