Hunchback of Notre Dame – message from Maddi to Jester

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      Message from Maddi (Age 11) from Eltham College –

      Message to: Jester

      Dear Mark,

      Hi, I’m Maddi. The other day I came to your performance. I liked the way you put on the French accent and you were very good in the play!

      You really took on the role of jester! It was really good how each character sang a song and when you sang spinning around it was really funny.

      Your costumes were really colourful and suited the character.

      It was really clever how you played two roles and did a really good job at it too!

      You really got all of the audience in the mood by having the songs at the start.

      Was it hard having to change quickly in and out of costumes?

      Do you enjoy performing?

      Overall it was a really fun show and I rate it ten out of ten!

      Thanks for visiting us!

      Yours sincerely,

      Maddi James

      :) :D :o

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