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      Dear Cast,

      Just a quick message from the students in grade 4/5R at Ardeer South Primary School! We were fortunate enough to see your King Arthur performance on Wednesday and we would like to say thank you for a fabulous show.

      We all thought the acting was outstanding! Our favourite character was Katoka because he was absolutely hilarious. Especially, when he tried to use Harry Potter’s spells to release the sword from the stone.

      One of the most enjoyable scenes was with Lady of the Lake and Terry. Particularly, when Terry decided to give the young lady a bite on the cheek. We also thought the Lady of the Lake’s costume was quite elaborate.

      Overall, the songs, the costumes, acting and props were great and we look forward to you visiting our school next year.

      1, 2, 3 YOU ROCK!!!

      From 4/5R :D

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