Letter to Baldrick – message from Grade 2C Westgrove to Bald

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      Grade 2C Westgrove

      Hey Guys

      Thanks for your message, you asked some really cool questions!

      I do like being Baldrick but if I had to choose a favourite of my characters I would probably say that it would be Beady because he is so much fun to play.

      I don’t think I would want to be another character in this play really; although I think it might be fun to play the evil stepmother!

      It gets very hot in beady’s costume and I sweat a lot. I also have a lot of work to do backstage so I don’t get much time to myself because I have to help people with their costumes and make the lights work.

      Finally my favourite colour is blue.

      Thanks for your questions guys- have fun

      Baldrick -Toby

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