Letter to Evil Stepmother – message from Grade 2C Westgrove

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      Grade 2C Westgrove

      Hey thanks guys

      I LOVE being the villain. Dress not so much, but love being the baddy. We get paid a pretty good wage, it’s a decent job and then we get a lot of other things looked after for us like all our travel and accommodation and even sometimes some dinners when we’re away!

      Makeup – i kinda like putting on my evil eyebrows but I’m not into the lipstick. Laura (Trombone/Belle/Maleficent) has to always remind me to put it on as I ‘conveniently’ forget it sometimes.

      I like dogs too, favourite singer at the moment would have to be Nathan (Prince Charming).

      My favourite car is my car – my Supra. But that’s me, not the Evil Stepmother! I don’t think the Evil Stepmother has a favourite car cause they weren’t invented yet in the 1700’s, perhaps she’d like a fancy coach like Cinderella got.

      Thanks – you guys rock. Seriously, you really played full out today and I personally was impressed!

      Hope to see you next year for Hercules! (I’ll be Hades, the bad guy again!)


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