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      Hey everyone!

      Thank you all so much for your lovely messages!

      Emma C-I loved playing the role of Esmerelda. It’s really lovely to play the ‘princess role’ and leading a good example of how to be good, brave and kind. I also have a lot of fun!!! It’s very true what you said, as long as you’re nice to people and be yourself, you have no reason to not have any friends!

      Corinne- I love the bit where I trick Jock the Crock, it teaches him a lesson for being so nasty to Quasi. I like what you said about bullies too, they really have no friends-being mean is just not the way is it?!

      Sophie and Tegan- It doesn’t matter what you look like at all does it!!! All that really matters is what you’re like on the inside.

      The costumes get really really warm but we drink lots of water backstage to keep us nice and hydrated and healthy!

      Thanks so much for writing to me everyone, I really appreciate your letters and time!

      I had a wonderful time performing for you and can’t wait to come back next year.

      Love Emily (Esmerelda)

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