Letters for Mayor Devile from Grade 1L Mildura South P.S – m

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      Thanks for all your great letters! :)

      And it was great to read all the awesome things you learnt from the show and what your favourite parts were.

      Yes we will be back next year…for Beauty and the Beast! Thanks for having us.

      Thanks Ekin for saying I was funny…yeah I was pretty bad lying wasn’t I. The funny thing about lying is that it can turn up in your life in ways you’d never expect…we often think if you can ‘get away’ with lying then it won’t do anything bad to us! But it can even turn up in funny ways like hurting ourselves accidentally or tripping over etc!! Weird huh! I guess that’s kinda what ahppened to my character, Mayor Devile, as well.

      Thank you everyone else, we’ll see you next time.

      YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

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