Letters for Mayor Devile from Grade 1L Mildura South P.S – m

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      Message from rlucas (Age 7) from Mildura South P.S

      Message to: Mayor Devile

      To Ben. Hello my name is Alexander. How are you? my favourie part was when they had a fight. I learnt it doesn’t matter what you lok like. Wiy did you fight hope you come back next year from Alexander.

      To Ben i hope you can cam back nest yir i lit when you ditde the hush back and my fravrt pbt was when you fidad the huche back from Dan

      Dear Ben. Hello my name is Kody. The funniest par was wen you were Singing. I learnt it doesn’t matter wot you look like. From Kody

      Dear Ben.

      Hello my name is Brodie the favourite when you saed Boo i hop you come Back Next year. Frome Brodie

      Dear Ben

      Hello my nanme is Jack How are you my favourite par was when you had thos swords and when the gost came out of the certins and wot was woor favourit part Ben I learnt is good to be nice from Jack

      Dear Ben hello my name is Ekin. thank You fore doing The shoy my funniest bit was when you were lying to your mum because your face lookt funny it was funny i learnt not to say losa. Ekin.

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