Letters from 2P Horsham 298

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      Hey Brooke!

      Thanks so much for writing to us!!!

      We loved coming to Horsham 298 and performing for you guys cos you were all so much fun and made our trip to Horsham so worthwhile!!

      To answer your questions-

      1. Did you like being trolls for Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty? To be honest, not really, she was a bit of a meanie! Luckily, though, Veg learned his lesson and ended up teaming up with Jamie, the good guy, while silly old Mite ended up in the sick bay! I think Veg made the best decision…what do you think?!

      It was pretty funny when Veg pressed a key button to unlock the jail door and let Jamie out wasn’t it-that was one of our favorite bits too!!!

      2.What part did you think was funny that you acted out? Veg-I liked the bit where I dressed up as a crow to scare Jamie off. Mite- I liked it when we got to dance with Maleficent!

      3.What was your favourite character out of the whole act? I thought Andy was a pretty cool character cos he was really cool and funny, I also liked Jamie cos he was so brave and confident in the end after the help from the King and Fairy Floss.

      4.Who would you take out and replace to make the act a bit different from the way it was when you acted it out a few weeks ago at 298? I think that Fairy Floss should be ditched all together and the Professor should do all of her stuff cos I’d love to hear him sing “Crowning Glory” and “What You Waiting For”!!!

      5.What part didn’t you really like about Fairy Floss, Maleficent, King, Queen or Andy?

      Fairy Floss-her wings

      Maleficent- Her collar and her nastiness

      King- his goobadigaga language and his silly wig

      The Queen- we didn’t like how she threw her baby around so much and gave poor Aurora away so easily!!

      Andy-His silly tights

      What are your real names? Emily and Ashley

      Was it hot in your costumes, because they looked heavy? Our costumes were really heavy actually, and very very hot too- Veg was a bit of a stinker!!!

      Have you been to any more schools and if you have, please tell me how many and what acts were they? We went to 75 schools for Sleeping Beauty and we are both currently on a tour of The Hunchback of Notre Dame! Alpha has also done Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella!

      Thanks so much for your lovely note Brooke, You Rock!!!

      From Veg and Mite (Ashley and Em)

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