Letters from 2P Horsham 298

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      To Veg and Mite,

      How are you? I am good.

      I was wondering… did you like being trolls for Maleficient in Sleeping Beauty?

      I thought you were funny when you pressed a key button to unlock the jail door and let Jamie out.

      What part did you think was funny that you acted out?

      What was your favourite character out of the whole act?

      Who would you take out and replace to make the act a bit different from the way it was when you acted it out a few weeks ago at 298?

      What part didn’t you really like about Fairy Floss, Maleficent, King, Queen or Andy?

      What are your real names?

      Was it hot in your costumes, because they looked heavy?

      Have you been to any more schools and if you have, please tell me how many and what acts were they?

      From Brooke (grade 2)


      Dear Veg,

      How are you?
      What’s your favourite game on your P.S.P?

      From Patrick (grade 2)

      To Veg,

      Do you like being in ALPHA? I liked it alot.
      How did you become a part of ALPHA? because I like ALPHA shows.
      My favourite part is all of the show.

      From Brandon (grade 2)

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