Letters from 2P – message from tpulham to Quasimodo

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      Dear Bryce and Viliami,

      Thanks so much for your excellent letter. I loved reading it!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed us coming to your school to perform "The Hunchback of Notre Dame". We had a great time at your school and are so looking forward to coming back.

      Now to answer some of your questions; Thank you telling me your favourite parts of the story were the song "What About Me?" and the sword fight. These are two of my favourite parts too. We really love using songs that you guys are familiar with and can sing along to in the show. The sword fight is an exciting part of the show for me because my character of Quasimodo finally stands up to the evil Mayor Devile. The swords are actually real metal and can be dangerous if not treated carefully. Ben and I practiced the sword fight during rehearsals so we knew we would not hurt each other in the show.

      Your next question was whether Quasimodo was a hard part to play. Quasimodo is a wonderful part to play because at the start he is timid and shy and thinks he is a monster but at the end he is shown to be good, kind, and brave. I love being able to show these changes in his character. It is not easy though. It takes a lot of hard work to do it well. You need to practice and play and try new things to get it just right. I love doing it though and have heaps of fun so that makes the hard work easier. You also asked me if I get nervous doing the show. My answer is yes, sometimes I do get nervous but that is because I care about doing a good job. If I’m ever nervous I know it means that I am excited and that is a good thing. What I need to do then is not get frightened but remain calm and focus on what I need to do and then my nervous/excited energy will help me perform.

      Your last question was how did I come to join the show. I first became a part of Alpha in May 2005 in a show called "Sleeping Beauty". After that I started "Hunchback" and this is my second tour of this show. I love being part of Alpha because it lets me perform which is what I love to do and it gives me the chance to come into schools like yours and bring a really awesome theatre experience.

      I hope this has answered your questions. If you have anything else you would like to ask me please feel free to write to me again.

      You rock!


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