Letters to MadameDevile from 1L Mildura South Primary School

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      Dear Ellen and Catriona,

      Thanks so much for writing, it was great to hear from you. We had loads of fun performing for you guys at Mildura South!


      We have just finished our 41st show for Hunchback tour 2006! So far for Hunchback this year we’ve been to around 35 schools, 6 of those were in Mildura. (before Hunchback we did other shows, we’re doing almost 300 shows in total this year). Yes, we get hot in our costumes, especially when it’s a hot day which it seemed to always be in Mildura. We make sure we drink plenty of water to cool ourselves down and energise us which helps a lot. I’m glad you learned something from watching the show, I think it’s great to learn things when you’re having fun, don’t you?


      I find it funny when I yell at Ben too! And you’re right, it doesn’t matter what you look like, it’s more important that you’re happy with who you are on the inside and not to listen to what other people tell you, but to believe in yourself. My favourite part in the show is when Jock talks about the Golden Chalice because he says something different at every show which makes it special and very funny!

      Keep playing full out girls and thanks for writing!

      love Laura (Madame Devile)

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