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      Message from CDPS5E (Age ) from

      Message to: Everyone

      Dear Alpha Show Performers,

      We didn’t get the lucky chance to see the show but still we heard all about it from the friends who saw the show. Our friends told us it was a very relastic show. Last time we wrote to you as a whole class but now we got the chance to chat with on our own. We thank you very much for the reply for our whole class. Now we hope you would reply to our questions below:

      1. Have you ever performed a story of your own that you have created your selves?

      2.Ashley-What is your favourite food & color?

      3.Cinderalla-Who would you prefer is ok to live with out the step-mother or the step-sisters?

      4.Jen-which ALF team do you support?

      5. Ben- we are auditioning for our school performance. It would be great if you could give us some tips for our auditioning.

      Waiting patiently for your reply,

      Rathina & Monica

      from 5E CDPS :arrow:

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